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8th LD March Call-to-Meeting

BCDCC March Call-to-Meeting

We’re doing the work — As a part of Women’s History Month, we’re bringing together a panel of successful, experienced women in Democratic politics to discuss their expertise and advice for other folks in politics!

This month’s Women’s History Month edition of our NDTC Expert Q&A is focused on building out plans that will support your progressive efforts, wherever you’re at in the cycle: Making Big Plans.

This panel program will feature three expert Democratic strategists to discuss various aspects of making political plans.

Get your questions answered directly from our panel on Thursday, March 23, moderated by NDTC COO Allyson Raines! RSVP using the button below:

Now you might be wondering who our panelists are – let’s introduce you!

Elyssa Feder is the Executive Director at Rising Organizers. With over a decade of experience as an organizer and campaign trainer, she leads the Rising Organizer team in bringing together the next generation of organizers to lead the charge on the most pressing issues facing our democracy.

As the founder of Elect Black Women PAC, Ruby Powell-Dennis works to address the representation gap of Black women in elected office. She empowers Black women candidates across the country through funding and leadership opportunities.

While she is also one of our amazing NDTC trainers, Kandice Harris is currently the Midwestern Pod Director for Run for Something. Through her role, Kandice builds grassroots partnerships throughout the region to strengthen Democratic campaigns in state and local offices.

We’re so thrilled to be joining these three experts. Don’t miss your chance to ask your own questions on Thursday, March 23 at 1pm ET!

This is one of our favorite monthly programs, we hope you can make it.

— The NDTC Team

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Paid for by the National Democratic Training Committee, TrainDemocrats.org, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Hello Rurals:

Have you ever marched because you’re mad about something? We have, too. Welcome to Indivisible’s March Madness Rural call, where all of us have at one time marched while mad. This month, we’ll be talking about the Farm Bill, Social Security, and Medicare, and how we can come together to fight on both. Aftyn Behn from RuralOrganizing.org (and co-founder of this very rural call!) will be joining us to talk about how YOU can prevent harm from befalling our farms through advocacy work on the omnibus farm bill! So join us on March 29 at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central/6pm Mountain/5pm Pacific. Saving Social Security and Medicare AND helping our local farmers? Yes please!

We want to hear from YOU! Please take our Group Support Survey and let us know what resources you have used to support your rural work and what you need! Click here to take the survey!

Register and join us on Wednesday, March 29 at 8 ET – sign up here

With love + solidarity, 

Indivisible’s Rural Team (Natalie, Cameron, Rachelle, Scott, and Tricia)

Indivisible Project
PO Box 43884
Washington, DC 20010
United States

Better Practices

Learning rural politics by fire
Doug White
2022 CD 4 Candidate

Doug White in 2022 ran for congress in central Washington. He did not win, but he did not lose. He learned a lot about how to talk to voters in red Washington. He earned insight into how our narrative can gain traction. And he made a lot of friends.

Doug will start the conversation on 6 April but where it goes is up to you.

22 March 2023

April Schedule
6:30 pm Thursday 6 April
 Better Practices roundtable

Doug White
Learning rural politics by fire
6:30 pm Thursday 20 April
Policy Series

Child care in rural Washington
Anne-Marie Zell Schwerin
and friends

Our Better Practices roundtable is on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm.. Use the link above for 2023.

Our Policy Series is on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm. Use the link above for 2023. 

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Ag and Rural Caucus of State Democratic Central Committee
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Ag and Rural Caucus
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Badger Forum 04-13-23 – Doc Hastings: An Insider’s Look at the New Congress

Child Care in Rural Washington
Anne-Marie Zell Schwerin
and friends

6:30 pm Thursday 20 April

And how are the children?

“And how are the children?” is the Masai greeting signaling that “the well-being of their children is the best way to determine the future health and prosperity of their whole society.”

Investment in our children’s early learning is a priority for the Ag and Rural Caucus. We have attended – quite properly – to children at risk.  We have insisted on the social value of the well-being of individual children. This is not welfare; it is smart investment. The mental and physical well-being of all our children defines not only our values as a community but the social and economic health of our community as well.

“Child care” underlines this mix of the private and the social. Parents see care of their children as a family affair. Take a step or two back, though, and most of see the societal effects of how well our children thrive. The family and its care of children are the root of our culture. We as a people have a stake in how our children are nurtured.

Uncomfortable with talk of culture? Try the hard economics. The availability, quality, and affordability of child care affect families, employers, and their employees. Families have to make choices of one parent staying home to care for the children or having that parent earn enough on the outside to pay for “center” childcare, assuming that acceptable childcare is available within commuting distance. Employers struggle recruiting employees if childcare is not locally available. Do we pay enough for child care? Can local non-profits afford to meet state regulations and pay employees enough to hold them? Can families afford to pay for child care?

On 20 April we will examine whether rural Washington qualifies as a child care desert. Who in rural Washington provides child care, how do we know it is good enough, is it affordable? And who cares?

22 March 2023


ChildCare Aware of Washington: https://childcareawarewa.org/
CCA-WA is a primary source for data and advocacy.
(I have summarized the provider data.)

Center for American Progress:  https://childcaredeserts.org/
CPA maybe coined the term “child care desert.” Use their interactive map comparing poverty scores and child care availabilty by census tract. Look for the anomalies.

Department of Children, Youth, and Familieshttps://www.dcyf.wa.gov/services/earlylearning-childcare/find-child-care
Cross reference with the CCA material. 

Copyright © 2022 Ag and Rural Caucus, All rights reserved.
Ag and Rural Caucus of State Democratic Central Committee
Our mailing address is:
Ag and Rural Caucus
2921 Mud Creek Rd
Waitsburg, WA 99361

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This is just a reminder that the Washington State organization of the League of Women Voters has some excellent resources on becoming involved in your democracy.