Committee News

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We are working on a messaging campaign for use in all media that ends with the tagline, “—you might be a Democrat,”  Take a look at our current list of messages on this Google Sheet. If you have more catchy lines, please send them to

Elections Committee

The 2021 election cycle includes over 50 non-partisan races across Benton County for city councils, school boards, port and hospital commissions, and fire and water districts in Benton City, Finley, Kennewick, Prosser, Richland, and West Richland. Filing is complete for this year’s elections. To see who has filed, click the button below. If you have any questions about the candidates or would like to volunteer for a campaign, please contact us at 🇺🇸

Platform and Resolutions

The Platform and Resolutions Committee is looking ahead to resolutions work in the coming year.

For those wishing to propose a resolution, below is a link to a template you can use to craft your resolution.

This is a link to a chart of our current resolutions plan and actions taken.

The following resolutions are available for comments as they are being worked on by the committee:

This is a link to the current State Party resolutions.

Organization Committee

Here’s a list of the 2021-2022 Elected PCO’s.

Benton County Elected Democratic Precinct Committee Officers

Here’s a complete list of all our PCO’s, elected, appointed, and acting:

Benton County Democratic Precinct Committee Officers

Legislation Committee

The 8th Legislative District legislators are holding a virtual town hall on May 24. Tap or click here to preregister and submit questions.

Washington Legislative Bills of interest are being tracked.

Recommendations for Communication with our Legislatiors:

If you are in the 8th Legislative District, thank Senator Sharon Brown for you yes vote on HB 1016 in the Ways and Means Committee and ask her to vote yes when the bill is up on the Senate floor. You can thank Matt Boehnke for his Yes vote on HB 1287 and ask Senator Brown to support it in the Senate. You can thank both Matt Boehnke and Brad Klippert for their Yes vote on HB 1157 and ask Senator Brown to support it. You can thank both Boehnke and Klippert for their Yes votes on HB 1297. You can thank Senator Brown for her Yes vote on this bill in the Ways and Means Committee and ask her to continue to support it when it comes up on the Senate floor. Representative Boehnke voted to move HB 1016 and HB 1157 to the House floor in the House Ways and Means Committee without recommendation. Please ask him to support the bills when they come up for a vote on the House floor. You can thank Representative Klippert for his support of SB 5214 and HB 1151.

If you are in the 16th Legislative District, you can thank Representative Skyler Rude for his Yes vote on HB 1151. Representative Rude voted SB 5172 and SB 5194 out of committee without recommendation. You can encourage him to vote Yes on them when they come up on the House floor.

If you are in the 9th Legislative District, Senator Mark Schoesler voted HB 1016 out of committee with no recommendation. You can ask him to support the bill when it comes up on the Senate floor. HB 1157 is now in the Senate Ways and Means Committee. You can ask Senator Schoesler to support it. Senator Schoesler voted no on HB 1287 in the Ways and Means Committee. You can ask him to support it when it comes up for a vote on the floor.

Good of the Order

Here’s an excellent article on methods for activism to be effective. Practical Activism – Go for the Money

Our own Richard Badalamente has a cogent post on the contents of the Mueller Report, including the answers to a number of pressing questions.

BCDCC Officers and Subcommittee Chairs for 2020-2022

The Benton County Democratic Central Committee is searching for a Newsletter editor, if you’re interested please check out information here: