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BREAKING: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has just introduced articles of impeachment in the US House of Representatives against Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito for abusing their powers to protect and advance their own personal interests. The articles of impeachment state that both Thomas and Alito must be removed from their positions on the Supreme Court for “high Crimes and Misdemeanors” under Article II of the Constitution.

Send a letter to your U.S. House representative and urge them to launch an impeachment investigation.

ProPublica reported in April 2023 that Justice Thomas has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts and financial benefits from billionaire Harlan Crow and other right-wing benefactors with business before the Supreme Court. Several additional instances of undisclosed gifts have come to light since then. Justice Alito has also been found to have taken undisclosed gifts from conservative backers. Further, Justice Alito displayed insurrectionist flags aligned with the Stop the Steal movement and other far-right groups outside two of his homes. Both Thomas and Alito refused to recuse themselves from cases related to the January 6th insurrection and other efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, despite clear bias.

The Framers of our Constitution called on Congress specifically to hold judicial officers, including Supreme Court justices, accountable for high crimes and misdemeanors that compromise the integrity of the Court. Given the compelling evidence against Justice Thomas and Justice Alito for repeated transgressions fitting this description, it is imperative that the Judiciary Committee promptly begin impeachment proceedings against them. 

Send a letter to your U.S. House representative and tell them Justice Thomas and Justice Alito must be impeached. 

In struggle,

Women’s March

Women’s March is a 501c(4) organization. Your generous support helps us prepare for fights we see coming and those we don’t. Donations are not tax-deductible. If you prefer to make a tax-deductible gift, we encourage you to support the Women’s March Network. Gifts to the Network support our organizing, communications, advocacy, and public education efforts.
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ACLU Supporter,

This term has been full of landmark rulings by the Supreme Court on issues that will shape the legal landscape and the civil liberties of millions for generations to come – from voting rights to reproductive freedom, and most notably, presidential immunity.

Now that the Supreme Court is in recess for the summer, it’s time to reflect on the major cases SCOTUS has ruled on so far and look ahead to the important cases coming down the pike.

Join the ACLU today (July 9) for our ACLU Briefing: Inside the Supreme Court Term. We’ll talk about the major civil liberties decisions of the term, discuss the path forward, and share how you can stay involved. (Please note: this link will take you to a third-party website, youtube.com.)

Inside the Supreme Court Term
Tuesday, July 9
4-5pm EDT / 1-2pm PDT
The event will take place on YouTube. Visit this link at 4pm EDT to join.

We will be joined by ACLU legal experts:

  • AJ Hikes, ACLU Deputy Executive Director for Strategy & Culture (moderator)
  • David Cole, ACLU Legal Director
  • Louise Melling, ACLU Deputy Legal Director
  • Cecillia Wang, ACLU Deputy Legal Director

We will also share a special recorded message for supporters from Academy Award-winning actor, Ariana DeBose, the ACLU’s Artist Ambassador for Voting Rights.

You’ll leave this briefing with a better understanding of the state of civil liberties in the wake of a contentious Supreme Court term, key cases to watch out for next term, and how you can stay involved in the coming months.

Follow this YouTube.com link at 4pm EDT today (July 9) to join this important event.

We hope to see you there,

The ACLU Team

P.S. This event will have an ASL interpreter as well as live captioning available. If you would like to request other reasonable accommodations for this event, please email us at TownHall@aclu.org as soon as possible.

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We’re reaching out with an exclusive preview to our Election Survey for our top supporters. Please, will you take it before midnight?

We’re now halfway through 2024, and Emerge women across the country are gearing up for the critical fights ahead.

This is the most consequential election in our lifetime and we want to hear from Emerge’s top supporters on the issues they care about the most ahead of the November election. Your top priorities will help us empower more Democratic women to win in November.

Take our survey today! We need [500] responses before midnight tonight.

Thank you for your time,

Team Emerge HQ

Empowering Democratic women to run – and win!

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The fascist right-wing agenda that MAGA is pushing is wildly unpopular, and they know this. They don’t care about democracy or the will of the people. But they do know that, while Americans still have our voting rights and free and fair elections, they will have to lie in order to win this campaign. The Trump campaign is demanding a revised GOP platform that better hides their true aims. So it is on us to remind the American people who they really are.

We know you are already on board, but if there are people in your life who need reminding, here are the facts:

  • Trump has publicly taken credit for overturning Roe v. Wade, as he should — he appointed the three justices (Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett) needed to end half a century of abortion protections for women in the U.S.
  • Trump and his cronies have used inflammatory and violent rhetoric to vilify abortion and those who provide it, including Trump stating “there has to be some sort of punishment” for women who have abortions.
  • Trump has endorsed and promoted state laws that impose severe abortion restrictions, including six-week bans that effectively outlaw abortion before many women realize they are pregnant

Trump’s presidency has been the single most catastrophic event for reproductive freedom in our lifetimes. We need to make this clear, over and over again, so that no one can forget it.

We know their real agenda, and we have 119 days to fight like hell with everything we’ve got to stop their assault on our bodies and freedoms. Kendall, will you chip in $25 (or whatever you can) to help us defeat Project 2025 and win for a feminist future?  

– Women’s March

Women’s March is a 501c(4) organization. Your generous support helps us prepare for fights we see coming and those we don’t. Donations are not tax-deductible. If you prefer to make a tax-deductible gift, we encourage you to support the Women’s March Network. Gifts to the Network support our organizing, communications, advocacy, and public education efforts.
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Join Washington Indivisible Network and Indivisible leaders and members across Washington and Oregon for a series of virtual Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion workshops led by DEI consultants Lillian Hawkins and LaTricia Kinlow.

In order to save our democracy, we must continually improve our dedication and ability to organize with an anti-racism lens.

Whether you are new to these ideas or returning to them, we hope you will join us!

Register once to attend one, two, or all of these important workshops.  

Understanding & Mitigating the Impact of Implicit Bias and Stereotype Threat 
Saturday, April 20 - 10:30am-12:00pm
Through video, interactive activities, and discussion of the research, participants are challenged to examine their own bias and learn ways to mitigate the impact of implicit bias in decision-making. As a result, participants deepen their appreciation of the challenges facing people of color and grow in self-awareness.
Intersections of Identity & Racial Privilege
Saturday, April 27 - 10:30am-12:00pm
Through lecture, discussion, and experiential exercises we will take a laser-like focus on unpacking racial privilege, exploring what it means to be White within a society that is racially stratified. We will discuss common ways that privilege manifests itself on an institutional level and how it influences relationships within and across cultures.
Racial Microaggressions: What Are They & Why Are They Harmful?
Saturday, May 4 - 10:30am-12:00pm 
When we engage in conversations across cultures, there is always the risk that what we say might offend someone. Oftentimes we don’t even know why what we said was offensive. But rather than risk offending many people avoid cross-cultural dialogue altogether or cling to “politically correct” terminology. The tightrope we walk and the mental labor that ensues is exhausting and often leaves everyone involved feeling unheard or misunderstood.  What has commonly become known as microaggressions will be presented.
Hannah Oliver
Senior Regional Organizer
Pronouns: They/Them

The Indivisible Project is a registered 501(c)(4). Indivisible Action is a Hybrid Political Action Committee fueled by the grassroots movement to win elections and build local, independent progressive power nationwide.

Indivisible Project
PO Box 43884
Washington, DC 20010
United States

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New GOTV volunteer opportunities!

Our intrepid researchers have identified new writing opportunities:


    Newest opportunities:  Montana – Blue Wave – writing postcards to encourage registration of voters in Montana


                                           Michigan, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania – Field Team 6 –

                                            writing postcards to encourage registrations of voters


                                           Arizona, and Nevada – Vote Forward 

                                                    writing letters to encourage young citizens (18-35 year olds) and Democratic-leaning voters to

                                           turn out in the 2024 election.  also available are MichiganNorth Carolina, and Pennsylvania letter-writing


These opportunities are still available:

    Arizona, with Activate America and Grassroots Dems – Supporting Gallego for Senate, Engel for Congress,

     and supporting Reproductive Freedom


    CaliforniaNevada, and Pennsylvania with Grassroots Dems and Activate America – Re-elect Jacky Rosen to hold the US Senate,

      re-elect Dina Titus, Steven Horsford, Susie Lee to help flip the US House of Representatives


    Pennsylvania with Activate America – Encourage primary voting in this most critical swing state


Find all GOTV opportunities on the Indivisible Vashon Get Out The VOTE volunteer opportunities matrix HERE.

       Green cells in the “Goals” section indicate which states will make a difference achieving that goal.

       Each green cell in the Writing, Phone Banking and Voter Registration sections indicate which organization is hosting opportunities. 

      Just click on the organization name to see what they’re offering!


Thank You for helping build a strong and vibrant democracy!

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We understand that your schedule may not allow you to attend the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Luncheon at The Westin on May 8th. However, there are still ways you can support our mission from wherever you are.

If you’re unable to attend the luncheon, consider making a donation to the Alliance. Your contribution will help us continue our vital work to eliminate the harm caused by gun violence in every community through advocacy, education, and partnerships.

Every donation, no matter the size, makes a meaningful difference. Together, we can make progress toward a future free from the threat of gun violence. To make a donation, simply click the link below:

Thank you for your continued support of the Alliance. Together, we can save lives and build a safer future for everyone.

In gratitude,

Renée (she/her)
Alliance for Gun Responsibility

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ACLU Supporter,

2024 ACLU

Priority Deadline: April 22

There I was in the heart of D.C. Holding up a pink and blue “Trans People Belong” poster, marching alongside 150 fellow high school students last summer. It was a moment I’ll never forget.

As an intern and a participant in the ACLU’s National Advocacy Institute (NAI), I had spent the past week learning about major ACLU issues alongside other young activists. It was there that I had learned how to organize with and for my trans siblings – and what brought me to this powerful day in the first place.

My name is Kiran, and I’m reaching out to you today to talk about my experience attending the NAI – because the deadline to apply for this year’s program is almost here!

CLU Supporter, the NAI is an annual program that engages high school students like me (and college students, too!) in grassroots organizing, professional advocacy, and legal activism.

To prepare for the rally last summer, we learned about the principles of organizing and the escalation of anti-trans bills at large. Chase Strangio, deputy director for transgender justice with the ACLU’s LGBTQ & HIV Project, taught us how this legislation harms young people – whether by not allowing trans kids to use the bathroom and receive gender-affirming care or by banning drag queens from reading to children.

After seven days of learning, I was chanting in front of Capitol Hill. I cannot tell you what the whole experience meant to me.

ACLU Supporter, I mean it, if you’re a young person – or you know a young person – who wants to turn their energy and passion into real action, then I encourage you to apply to this summer’s session of the ACLU National Advocacy Institute before the April 22 priority deadline.

I promise you won’t regret it.

Thank you,

Kiran Yeh
Pronouns: She, her, hers
Former ACLU National Advocacy Intern and Institute Alumna 2023

P.S. The ACLU’s National Advocacy Institute has programs this summer for both high school and college-aged students – and financial aid is available to help cover the full cost including program fees. So remember to apply, or remind the passionate young person in your life to apply, before April 22.

Sign up for ACLU texts

American Civil Liberties Union
125 Broad Street, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10004, USA

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Thanks to Emerge supporters like you, we’ve trained more than 6,000 bold Democratic women to run for office, and right now, more than 1,200 Emerge women are serving in office.

In 2024, we’re seeing an avalanche of hateful and dangerous legislation from MAGA Republicans aimed at attacking our most basic rights, undermining our democracy, and affecting our most vulnerable populations. And every single level of government has a role to play in fighting back.

Our upcoming National boot camp is actively recruiting Democratic women to train to win in November. But it takes significant resources to prepare a new cohort, and we can’t win without your support.

Will you contribute $5 or more today to help us reach our ambitious $30,000 goal to support a new class of Emerge women?

Any donation you can give will go directly toward recruiting and training Democratic women to run for office at all levels of government. These leaders will then go on to put people first in our city budgets, ensure that every vote in every election gets fairly counted, block MAGA right-wing attacks on reproductive rights, and take charge of the direction of our democracy.

We can’t stop now, Kendall. With your help, we can provide the crucial strategy and training needed to shatter the highest glass ceilings in our country.

Will you donate $5 or more today to support our upcoming National boot camp and help Emerge empower MORE Democratic women to lead at every level of office in every state?

Thank you for your support,

Brianna Carmen
Political Director, Emerge

P.S. We’ve extended our deadline for our Boot Camp applications to April 15th! If you or someone you know is interested in applying, they can click here for more information.

Empowering Democratic women to run – and win!

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