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Just a few last words before the primary election Tuesday.

Make sure you have voted. Please check your ballot status on the Secretary of State website. Go to voter.votewa.gov to check on the status of your ballot. Enter your name and birthdate, click “submit.” On the left side of the screen, click “Ballot Status.” Scroll to the bottom of the report. It should say “accepted” if you turned it in a couple of days ago. (It takes a day or two to process.) If it doesn’t say “accepted” you should contact the county auditor’s office on Monday.

I’d like to thank all those who have put in the time to knock on doors in their precincts and other key precincts in the county, as well as those who have phone banked and text banked. Your time and effort are appreciated by the candidates. When our candidates get through to the general election, we will be needing your continued assistance.

We only have a few hours left to make our final contacts. Check in with friends and relatives to make sure that they have voted, too. The expected turnout for the primary statewide is 30-35%. With turnout that low, a few hundred votes can make the difference between making it into the general or not.

Thank you again for your support so far.

Richard Reuther

Chair, Benton County Democratic Central Committee

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Call to Meeting for April 21, 2022

April Regular Business Meeting Details
Thursday, April 21
6:00p.m. to 8:00p.m.

Click here for the agenda.

Zoom Meeting
To Participate by Phone 
Dial: 1 (253) 215-8782
Then Dial: 87557170970
Then Dial “#”

Fellow Democrats,

Good afternoon. My name is Jake Dorsey; I’m the second vice-chair of the Franklin County Democrats. It’s a pleasure to meet you (if we’ve met before, hello again!). Before we go further, two things:

1. Please email me at dorsey.jake@gmail.com if any part of this email and its attached agenda stirs concern. I am here to serve you.

2. This meeting is being called by chair Jeffrey Robinson; I’m just writing the email. ^_^

It is a historic moment for us. I use “historic” in the actual sense; Jeffrey Robinson has been our chair for several years now, taking us through a turbulent political era while keeping us focused on improving the lives of the residents of Franklin County.

Now Jeff is retiring to Walla Walla, where he will focus on his health, family and his next moves. We will be looking to seeing where, and with whom, his political mastery turns up next.

In the meantime, we must move forward. Elections for county executives and the District 3 commissioner are headed toward us. Between then and now, we must rally and either put forward, or assist, a Democratic candidate for one of those many offices.

Unfortunately, part of that work comes with a pair of internal elections. We need to fill the shoes Jeff has gracefully exited, and elect a new chair, first vice chair and (eventually) secretary. Please note that because this party election is happening within a chair’s term, elected and appointed precinct committee officers may participate.

I’ve spoken to several people who came highly recommended for the job. That said, if you know someone, or wish to stand for election yourself — now’s the time!With that out of the way, are there other topics you’d like to see brought before the body? Would you like to go back to in-person meetings? Know someone who wants to run against District 3’s gavel-happy commissioner? Once more, email me at dorsey.jake@gmail.com with your thoughts, ideas, concerns, gripes and other text-based points. (Phone calls also welcome after an introduction!)

In service to democracy and the Union.

— Dorsey

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WA Democracy Legislation Weekly Newsletter March 7, 2022

Washington State Democracy Legislation

SESSION UPDATE: The legislative session is wrapping up and will end this Thursday, March 10th. Last Friday was the deadline for bills still alive to pass the opposite chamber. Unfortunately, only a few bills passed, which now move to the Governor’s desk for signing. Many of the bills that did not pass this year, will be reintroduced next session in 2023. 

We will also be hosting a WA 2022 Legislation Recap at our Democracy Happy Hour this week on March 9th @ 5 pmRegister HERE.

BILLS PASSED (awaiting Governor signature):

Prison Gerrymandering:

SB 5583 – Local redistricting to reflect last known residence for incarcerated persons

Bill Summary: It is the responsibility of each county, municipal corporation, and special purpose district with a governing to periodically adjust census data for local redistricting to reflect the last known place of residence for incarcerated persons.

Community Councils:

HB 1769 – Sunsetting Community Councils

Bill Summary: Sunsets the last two community councils in Washington state in Houghton Community Council in Kirkland and East Bellevue Community Council in Bellevue.

Ballot Impact Statements:

HB 1876 – Adds a fiscal impact statement to ballot measures

Bill Summary: This bill would add public investment impact disclosures for certain ballot measures that repeal, levy, or modify any tax or fee and have a fiscal impact showing how adoption of the measure would cause a net change in state revenue.

Weapon Restrictions

HB 1630 – Establishing restrictions on the possession of weapons in certain locations.

Bill Summary:

  • Prohibits the knowing open carry and possession of firearms and other prohibited weapons on to or in school areas and areas of facilities while being used for official meetings of a school district board of directors and requires the school district board of directors to post signs at such locations providing notice of the restrictions.
  • Prohibits the knowing open carry of firearms and other prohibited weapons while knowingly being in a local government building used in connection with meetings of the governing body of the local government or any location of a public meeting or hearing of the governing body of a local government during the meeting or hearing and requires a local government to post signs at such locations providing notice of the restrictions.
  • Prohibits the knowing carry and possession of firearms and other prohibited weapons in election-related offices and facilities and requires election officials to post signs at election-related facilities providing notice of the restrictions.
  • Makes violations of these restrictions a misdemeanor for first time offenses while second and subsequent violations are gross.

Campaign Funds for Child Care:

SB 5855 – Concerning the use of campaign funds to reimburse expenses for child care and other caregiving services.

Bill Summary: Authorizes the use of campaign contributions to reimburse candidates for expenses for the direct care, protection, and supervision of a child or person over whom the candidate has direct caregiving responsibility incurred directly due to campaign activities.

Ballot Casting Locations:

HB 1716 – Concerning locations at which ballots may be cast.

Bill Summary: 

  • Requires that county auditors open a voting center during a special election only if the county is conducting a special election.
  • Requires that county auditors open a voting center, rather than only conduct in-person voter registration, at certain locations.
  • Restricts certain political activity near voting centers, student engagement hubs, and ballot drop boxes during the voting period.


Voting Rights Act Enhancements:

SB 5597 – WA Voting Rights Act Enhancements

Bill Summary:

  • Pre-clearance – Codifies factors which establish a presumptive case of vote dilution in violation of the Washington Voting Rights Act (WVRA).
  • Establishes a mechanism for claimants who send successful notices of potential WVRA violations to recover costs of up to $50,000 from jurisdictions for research needed to send the notice.
  • Requires certain jurisdictions to obtain pre-clearance for changes to covered voting practices.
  • Establishes a data repository at the University of Washington to assist jurisdictions and researches in election best practices.

Secure Automatic Voter Registration:

SB 5636 – Expanding and Enhancing Automatic Voter Registration

Bill Summary: Modifies voter registration at the Department of Licensing (DOL) and Health Benefit Exchange to make registration of eligible applicants automatic with the agency transaction unless subsequently declined in writing. 

Ranked Choice Voting:

Local Options for Ranked Choice Voting

HB 1156 &  SB 5584 –  Bill Summary: Permits the use of ranked choice voting (RCV) in elections for offices in counties, cities, towns, school districts, fire districts, and port districts, and establishes certain requirements for RCV ballot design and vote tabulation.

Ranked Choice Voting for Presidential Primaries – 2 bills 

HB 1926 & SB 5851 – Bill Summary:  The presidential primary shall be conducted using ranked choice voting, unless a party has fielded two or fewer candidates, in which case the presidential primary for that party shall be conducted in substantially the same manner as a state primary under this title. 

Redistricting Plan:

SB 5560 – Procedures for approval and submission of the redistricting plan

Bill Summary:

  • Redistricting plan must include at least:
    • (a) Maps showing the division of the state into congressional and legislative districts; and
    • (b) complete descriptions of each district using official census units, such as tracts and blocks, sufficient to codify the plan.
  • The redistricting plan must be prepared and published and be made available to the public at the time the plan is submitted to the legislature.
  • The commission must make a redistricting plan publicly available at least 72 hours before voting to approve the plan. Once the plan has been made publicly available, any amendments to the plan must be debated and voted on in open session, and at least 24 hours must pass after any amendments are adopted before the commission may vote on final approval of the plan.

Advisory Votes:

SB 5182 – Eliminating Advisory Votes

Bill Summary: 

  • Repeals the requirement that advisory votes for tax increase legislation appear on the ballot and voters’ pamphlet.
  • Requires that a fiscal impact statement appear in the voters’ pamphlet for legislation passed affecting state revenues.
  • Requires that a pie chart showing operating budget expenditures for the most recent biennium appear in the voters’ pamphlet.

Election Officials Protection:

HB 1618 – Prohibiting weapons at election-related offices

  • Restricts the carrying and possession of firearms and other specified weapons in certain election offices and facilities.
  • Requires posted notice of such restrictions at election offices and facilities.

Odd-Year Elections:

HB 1727 – Eliminating Odd-Year Elections

Bill Summary: Eliminates odd-year elections in Washington State, including special elections. Includes all state, county, city, town, and district general elections for the election of federal, state, legislative, judicial, county, city, town, and district officers, and for any measure (referendums and ballot initiatives) for adoption and approval or rejection. The benefit and goal is to increase voter participation, as currently odd-year elections have the lowest turnout and decisions are often made by a minority of the voters.

Public Disclosure:

HB 1919 – Public Disclosure Commission Recommendations

Bill Summary:

  • Updates campaign reporting deadlines to ensure voters have weekly access to campaign financing information to match the longer period ballots are available for voting.
  • Clarifying for the voter when political ads are endorsing a candidate who is running in a different election or a race other than the current one, and ads that encourage votes for a person who is not a candidate as of the date the ad is run.

 Election Officials Protection:

SB 5148 – Concerning the harassment of election officials.

Bill Summary: Elevates the crime of harassment to a Class C felony when the harassment is directed at an election official with the Secretary of State or county auditor’s office.

Conservation Districts

HB 1910 – Conservation District Elections

Bill Summary: This bill would put all conservation district elections on the regular ballot, all positions will be elected, landownership requirement will be removed, and public disclosure will be required. 

Close Lobbying Revolving Door:

SB 5170 – Employment After Public Service in State Government

Bill Summary:

  • Prohibits various state officers and employees from receiving compensation for certain lobbying activities for one year after leaving state service.
  • Requires state officers and employees subject to that prohibition to file post-employment disclosure statements.
  • Requires display of post-employment disclosure statements on the Executive Ethics Board’s website. 

Women’s Suffrage Day:

HB 1485 – Women’s Suffrage Day a Legal Holiday

Bill Summary: Designates March 22 to be a state legal holiday, recognized as Women’s Suffrage Day.

Support our democracy work! 

Please make a donation to support our work for democracy.

We can’t do this work without you!

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March 6, 2022  Vol. 55, Issue 10

Lunell Haught, President 
Joan Lawson, Advocacy Portfolio Director
Susan Fleming, Lobby Team Portfolio Director

Action Alerts

Click on the links below to learn more about bills currently being reviewed in the state legislature. You can “take action” on these most pressing bills by sending a suggested, editable email to legislators, encouraging them to vote to promote the League issue in question.
No action alerts this week – see the issue reports below for other actions you can take.

Final Week of Session

This second session of the biennium, called the “short” session because it is only 60 days, ends next week on March 10. Whatever one thinks about the decisions made by this legislature, one thing is for sure.  Our legislators have worked very, very hard, with long hours and no breaks for the last few weeks.  Washington State can be proud of its legislature and the efforts they make.

Today, as this newsletter is being prepared, is the deadline for bills that originated in the opposite chamber to pass the full body.  House bills must pass the Senate and Senate bills must pass the House by late today or they are dead. Unfortunately, by the time of submittals for this newsletter, the issue chairs won’t know all of the outcomes of the bills they are following, though they will be aware of most.

Next week the session is dedicated to reconciling differences between bills that passed both houses with different text because of amendments made in the second chamber; and for the final budgets to be reconciled and passed.  In all of those cases, the final bills must be passed by both chambers in identical form, with a yes/no vote by the end of the day on March 10.

Because of that negotiation process all week, there is little remaining that we can do to influence outcomes.  The legislature has already heard from us every step along the way. So this week’s newsletter has no formal Action Alerts.  Some of the issue chairs’ weekly updates may have a few requests for letting your legislators know you want them to support certain elements in the final bills. Those will be minimal because of the uncertainty about the status of bills over the weekend and of negotiations going into next week.

The next newsletter will be the final one, and it will come out later than usual.  There will not be one next Sunday, but there will be one the following week giving a summary of the session and how League issues fared overall.

The Lobby Team thanks each of you for taking action throughout this session.  We are grateful for your attention and support each week. You make a difference!

Our Current Actions page may help you pick out which bills are particularly important to you.

LWVWA Legislative Issues From the 2022 Washington State Legislative Session

Click on an issue to learn more about session results on bills the League supported and “This Week’s Updates” to read the issue chair’s report on this past week.

Elections | This week's updates
Money in Politics | No update this week
Education | This week's updates
Redistricting This week's updates

Natural Resources and Climate Change
Climate and Energy | This week's updates
Forests |This week's updates
Growth Management This week's updates
Rivers | This week's updates
Transportation | This week's updates

Social and Economic Policy
Housing and Homelessness | This week's updates
Health and Behavioral Health | This week's updates
Revenue | This week's updates


  • No events this week.

Other Ways to Follow the State Legislature

  • Washington State Legislature website, leg.wa.gov.
  • Washington State’s public affairs TV network, TVW.org.

League of Women Voters of Washington
1511 3rd Avenue, Suite 900, Seattle, WA 98101
206-622-8961 | 1-800-419-2596 | www.lwvwa.org
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In This Issue:

Know Your Representatives: 2022 TRY Now Available  

The 2022 edition of the League’s They Represent You: Directory of Elected Officials (known as the TRY), which is produced by the LWV of Seattle-King County, is nowavailable to downloadLearn more!

Tree Campaign Update in Snohomish County 

These trees weren’t planted 20 years ago. In recent years, large, single-family developments broadly scrape the trees and soil off the land. Now we know better, so it’s time to update the county code to reflect new understandings. Read more here.

Dealing with Stress in a World of Overwhelm  

So many things to do, so little time. While spending time dealing with our own issues (personal, family, and friends), League members have the added stress of being aware of the challenges to our democracy. Learn more about what you can do here.

2022 Lobby Week Another Success

The League of Women Voters of Washington and Fix Democracy First hosted more than 200 participants in January’s second virtual Lobby Week. Core issues in democracy (including elections, voting, money in politics) as well as climate and transportation bills were highlighted. Learn more

Updates from the National League 

Happy 102nd birthday to the League, voting rights, and new designs. Read more about what the LWVUS is doing. 

February 2002 

Monday, February 7: ACT via Zoom Affinity Group, 10 a.m., meeting every Monday through March 14. Contact Carol Sullivan to join. 

Monday, February 14: 102rd Birthday of the League of Women Voters! 

Monday, February 14: ACT via Zoom Affinity Group, 10 a.m., meeting every Monday through March 14. Contact Carol Sullivan to join.  

Monday, February 21: ACT via Zoom Affinity Group, 10 a.m., meeting every Monday through March 14. Contact Carol Sullivan to join.  

Monday, February 21: LWVWA Board Meeting, noon. Agenda and meeting link will be posted online the week before the meeting. 

Tuesday, February 22: LWVWA Education Fund Board Meeting, noon. Agenda and meeting link will be posted online the week before the meeting.  

Monday, February 28: ACT via Zoom Affinity Group, 10 a.m., meeting every Monday through March 14. Contact Carol Sullivan to join. 

March 2022 

Monday, March 7: ACT via Zoom Affinity Group, 10 a.m., meeting every Monday through March 14. Contact Carol Sullivan to join.  

Monday, March 14: Last ACT via Zoom Affinity Group, 10 a.m., meeting every Monday through March 14. Contact Carol Sullivan to join.  

Monday, March 21: LWVWA Board Meeting, noon. Agenda and meeting link will be posted online the week before the meeting.  

Tuesday, March 22L LWVWA Education Fund Board Meeting, noon. Agenda and meeting link will be posted online the week before the meeting.  

June 2022

Friday, June 10 – Sunday, June 12: 2022 LWVWA Council, information to come.

Thursday, June 23 – Sunday, June 26: 2022 LWVUS National Convention, Denver, CO, and online; current information

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Ukrainians fighting oppression should strengthen our resolve to defend democracy at home

Right now the world is witnessing the grave threat autocratic regimes pose not only to their own citizens, but to the rights and safety of people everywhere. The unfolding Russian invasion of Ukraine demonstrates the depravity of Vladimir Putin’s government. However, it has also put on full-display the stunning bravery of the Ukrainian people and a U.S. president standing strong with our allies.

I have been so inspired in recent weeks by the American people – and people around the world – who have raised their voices to resist Putin’s aggression. I am inspired by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s unwavering commitment to his citizens through servant leadership. Finally, I am inspired by President Biden spearheading NATO’s unified opposition to Russia and making it clear globally that the United States stands with democracy. 

Perhaps more than ever, I feel fortunate Joe Biden is in office. Former President Trump and his clones cannot be trusted to deal with an adversary like Russia. Trump’s history includes praising Putin as a “genius,” seeking Russia’s admittance to NATO, plus a failed attempt to withhold Ukrainian military aid that resulted in his impeachment. Rather than firing off inflammatory Tweets or threatening foreign leaders to protect his own interests, Biden is addressing the threat of nuclear war seriously and responsibly.

By electing Doug White to Congress for Washington’s Fourth District, we can have a leader locally who mirrors the values of democracy and the Democratic party. The contrast between Biden and Trump on foreign affairs is stark, but equal to the contrast between my foreign policy and those of my opponent, Loren Culp. The failed 2020 gubernatorial candidate spent last weekend with Trump at Mar-a-Lago and subscribes to the same policy-free platform as Trump. Culp expressed the former president’s sentiment that “…this deadly Ukraine situation would never have happened!” if Trump was in office. This is no way to handle complex geo-political issues.

If elected to Congress, I will bring to bear decades of my own experiences dealing intimately with foreign markets and witnessing how the U.S. addresses global relations. Furthermore, I will ensure Central Washington’s representative aligns with the Ukrainian people and our NATO allies, not whatever Trump says.

As we support brave Ukrainians fighting for their own democratic freedom, it is imperative that we also look to our own elected officials in the U.S. who seek to suppress the voices of the people, using voter suppression legislation and other underhanded political tactics to hoard power for themselves. Republican voter suppression is nothing new, but it has become priority number one for the party since they lost the White House in 2020. State legislatures across the country, especially in places like Georgia, have instituted a rash of new barriers to voting. Additionally – and terrifyingly – Republicans have resorted to denying election outcomes in recent years, including my opponent Loren Culp.

Democracy is nothing to play around with. We don’t need voter suppression or attacks on election legitimacy at the national level, and we certainly don’t need it in Central Washington. As our country stands unified with the people of Ukraine, we should use this opportunity to harden our defenses against those who seek to undermine the will of the voters domestically. The crisis in Ukraine emphasizes the danger of unaccountable leaders and underscores the importance of America’s ability to positively influence global politics.

By electing Doug White to Congress, Central Washington will have a representative who stands unquestionably with international allies to defend democracy at home and abroad.

Out and About

Mike Lawrence and Chad Baltram of TRIDEC sat down with me Thursday to discus the Northwest power grid, hydroelectric and nuclear power. Chad and Mike are the former and current managing directors at Benton County PUD, respectively, and are some of the most knowledgeable people in the state on these crucial issues. With help from people like them, Washington will lead the nation in carbon-free energy for a long time to come.

I had a great time last night talking with voters at the Benton County and Pasco Town Hall virtual event. I am so grateful to everyone who attended and the many who shared their questions and personal experiences with me. Click here if to join us at the Town Hall in your county.

Finally, this weekend kicks off my “No More Hot Air Politics” event at the Winthrop Ballon Roundup. I look forward to watching the famous hot air balloons, meeting with community leaders in the Yakima area, and, of course, talking with voters. I hope to see you there!

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In This Issue:

We Need More Women in Office Now! Learn How to Run for Office 

Have you ever thought about running for office but didn’t know where to start or what it entailed? The Fix Democracy First (FDF) Education Fund is introducing a new project, Women in Office Now (WON) that will provide free training to help women successfully run for office. Learn more

Be a Flea for the League

Do you ever feel as though one person is too insignificant to effect major social change? Fleas have a lot to teach us about how even the smallest of creatures can disrupt even the mightiest of animals. Learn more on how to make the most of your power!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Embracing Low-Vision and Hearing-Impaired Members   

DEI’s emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion is super important and this article addresses the “I” in DEI, inclusion. Learn about free resources that can support inclusion in your League activities for the hearing impaired and those with low vision. Learn more!

What Are SAFE Cities? 

SAFE Cities is the movement of communities working to end local fossil fuel expansion. Join the LWV of Kitsap County in a discussion of SAFE Cities with activist Ingrid Archibald. Learn more.

Voter Services Presents Workshop on Empty Chair Debates

Voter Services includes many services that Leagues across the country provide to their communities. Among these is a service of critical importance: candidate forums and debates. But what happens when candidates don’t show up? Read more here.

Celebrate Women’s History Month 

March is Women’s History Month and there are lots of ways to celebrate. The following are just a few of the events or resources to learn more about women’s history. See the list. 

Updates from the National League 

Commission on the Status of Women forum, celebrating the Supreme Court nomination, and defending democracy. Read more about what the LWVUS is doing.  

March 2022 

Monday, March 7: ACT via Zoom Affinity Group, 10 a.m., meeting every Monday through March 14. Contact Carol Sullivan to join. 

Tuesday, March 8: LWVUS Building a Data Culture Listening Session, 4 p.m. PT. Registration required.  

Monday, March 14: Last ACT via Zoom Affinity Group, 10 a.m., meeting every Monday through March 14. Contact Carol Sullivan to join.  

Monday, March 14-Friday, March 25: Commission on the Status of Women (CSW66) virtual forum, League members welcome to attend. Registration required

Monday, March 14: SAFE Cities presentation with Ingrid Archibald, Climate Solutions Committee, LWV of Kitsap County, 7 p.m. Registration required.

Monday, March 21: LWVWA Board Meeting, noon. Agenda and meeting link will be posted online the week before the meeting.  

Tuesday, March 22: LWVWA Education Fund Board Meeting, noon. Agenda and meeting link will be posted online the week before the meeting.  

Wednesday, March 23: LWVUS parallel event with the CSW66 forum, “Climate Threats to Democratic Elections: Preparing for the Worst,” 11 a.m.–12:30 p.m. PT. Registration. 
April 2022

Saturday, April 2—2022: Candidate Forums and Debates Workshop #1: Dealing with Empty Chair Debates, 10 a.m.–11:30 a.m. Registration required

Saturday, April 23—2022: Candidate Forums and Debates Workshop #2: Getting the Word Out, 10 a.m.–11:30 a.m. Registration required
June 2022

Friday, June 10 – Sunday, June 12: 2022 LWVWA Council, information to come.

Thursday, June 23 – Sunday, June 26: 2022 LWVUS National Convention, Denver, CO, and online; current information

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Hello Democrats and what a week of news! This email is absolutely jam-packed! Please read it all, because there is so much to share with our friends and our neighbors about the work Democrats are doing right now!

State of the Union – What a night – President Biden laid out a powerful, compelling, progressive vision for our country, and I’m excited to take this message to our Washington voters in the midterms!

If you missed it, you can watch it here or read the speech here. We also put together a short highlight video featuring some of the big wins that Democratic leadership has delivered over the past year – check it out:

I’m also linking some fact sheets on what Democrats have delivered, and will be doing next, on some of the big issues facing America. These are great for providing good information to share on social media, in conversation, or around the kitchen table:

Protecting the Right to Abortion – We know that Republicans are targeting Roe v. Wade this year, with a 6-3 conservative US Supreme Court ready to overturn a person’s choice about their own body, their own health care, and the fundamental right to have an abortion. (Because “freedom” is only about not having to wear a mask, right?)

I’m glad that we have our Sen. Patty Murray working hard to try to defend that right, and this week she pushed for the Women’s Health Protection Act in the Senate to enshrine the right to an abortion into law. We hosted a statewide call for reporters with Rep. Suzan DelBene, state Sen. Yasmin Trudeau, and Planned Parenthood CEO Jennifer Allen talking about the WHPA, Sen. Murray’s work, and the danger of Murray’s opponent, Tiffany Smiley. You can watch the “highlight reel” of that call here:

Remember – Smiley ENDORSED the Texas anti-abortion bounty hunter law, the most restrictive abortion bill in the country. We can’t let her represent us in the Senate!

While the WHPA vote failed in the US Senate, we had action here at home. The State Senate joined the House in passing HB 1851, sponsored by Rep. My-Linh Thai of the 41st LD. The bill authorizes physician assistants, advanced registered nurse practitioners, and certain other medical providers acting within their scopes of practice to perform abortions and prohibits the state from taking action against a health care provider for assisting an individual in exercising the right to reproductive freedom. This bill will help make sure that Washingtonians – and the people who come to Washington seeking abortions because their own state has limited these rights – can get the care they need.

Note that this bill passed the Senate on a party line vote – every single Republican was opposed! The GOP is an anti-choice party and Washington is a pro-choice state. With Roe under threat like never before, we need to make sure voters know that access to reproductive health is actively under attack!

County Auditors – News in Spokane County – super-conservative GOP Rep. Bob McCaslin announced that he won’t be running for re-election to the legislature and will instead run for Spokane County Auditor. McCaslin was a Matt Shea supporter and one of the GOP legislators who’s spent the last year spreading conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and hanging out with the “MyPillow guy” Mike Lindell and his election fraud disinformation events.

It goes without saying that we CANNOT have people like this running our elections. Not only does it put the fairness and freedom of Spokane County at risk, but it would set McCaslin up to run for Secretary of State in the future – a position in which he could do even more damage.

We have to make sure we are ready for fights like these for election administration positions up and down the ballot! Trump has been criss-crossing the country recruiting candidates and raising money for conservative election administrators who’d be willing to help him steal an election. Conservatives like McCaslin stepping up here in WA is part and parcel of that strategy. We MUST fight back.

That means supporting folks like Vicki Dalton, the Spokane County Auditor, all the way up to our new Democratic Secretary of State Steve Hobbs. Consider getting your local party organization to do an early endorsement of Secretary Hobbs, along with our other incumbents like Sen. Patty Murray and our Democratic Members of Congress. We need to support these folks sooner rather than later!

Capital Gains Tax Update – The capital gains tax on the profits from stocks and bonds of the ultra-rich that the legislature passed in 2021 was overturned in a court case this week in Douglas County. Rob McKenna, the attorney representing the very wealthy plaintiffs, shopped around for the most sympathetic judge he could find, and he got him. We will see this case appealed to the state Supreme Court by our Attorney General Bob Ferguson, so we’ll continue to track this and see what happens next.

What’s for certain is that none of us are giving up on the work to fix our upside-down tax code. We have the most unfair tax system in the country and it’s long past time that the rich pay their fair share. I was glad to see that just this week, the Senate joined the House in passing HB 1876, which would require that Tim Eyman-style anti-tax initiatives would include information on what government services would be cut under the initiatives right in the ballot description, so voters are better informed about what they’ll be voting on. We’ve got a lot of work to do, but I’m confident people are ready for a better, fairer tax code in Washington state.

Flex Your Democratic Muscles – With so much going on, I’m excited about all the action that local parties across Washington are taking to spread the word about what our Democratic leaders are doing and the importance of voting in these upcoming midterm elections. Folks across Washington are phone banking, doorknocking, and sharing information with their networks. I’m thrilled to see it happening. Groups like the North-Central Washington Democrats, the 26th LD Democrats (they have a super-competitive state Senate race this year!), the 23rd LD Democrats, and more are already active and contacting voters with the Coordinated Campaign! You can find an event near you at www.wa-democrats.org/organizingevents or send an email to organizing@wa-democrats.org to start a new phone bank or canvass!

With that, thank you all for reading! Let’s get to work and get it done!

With gratitude,

Tina Podlodowski

PS – I want to remind everyone that our organizers are working hard around the clock to ensure that every single Democrat statewide turns out to vote this November, but they still need your help. By becoming a recurring donor in our Blue Washington program, you will be supporting every single Democratic candidate in our state, driving progressive voter turnout, and ensuring we maintain our blue majority!

Our Blue Washington program specifically helps us build our organizing team and fund the resources they need to fight voter suppression and turn out every single Democrat. The more resources we have, the more we can accomplish!

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March 1, 2022  Vol. 54, Issue 9

Lunell Haught, President 
Joan Lawson, Advocacy Portfolio Director
Susan Fleming, Lobby Team Portfolio Director

Urgent Action Needed as Legislative Cutoff Looms for League Priority Bills

Between March 1 and 4, bills must pass out of the opposite chamber from that in which they were introduced. Bills introduced in the Senate must be passed by the House, and vice versa. And during this week, all of the legislative work will be floor action. The committee work has ended.

After March 4, only bills associated with the three budgets will be considered, along with the operating, capital and transportation budgets. That means that right now is the last opportunity League members will have to advocate with their respective legislators for League priorities.

The Action Alerts that follow are ones that the Lobby Team deems of high priority for the League as a whole. There are, of course, many other important bills still at issue; but we could only ask you to send a limited number of Alerts. These Alerts are asking legislators to move certain bills from the Rules Committee to the floor for a vote; and then to vote for the bills.

In each of the Alerts below, you will see a bill description and explanation of why an Action is important. Please click on the ones of interest to you and send your message to your legislators. You can tailor the message by modifying it before you send; or you can just send it as is.

Thank you for your help with League advocacy! 

Action Alerts

Click on the links below to learn more about bills currently being reviewed in the state legislature. You can “take action” on these most pressing bills by sending a suggested, editable email to legislators, encouraging them to vote to promote the League issue in question.

Require Oil Companies to Pay for Oil Spill Clean Up—Not Taxpayers

E2SHB 1691 requires oil vessels and facilities to demonstrate financial ability to pay for a “worst case” oil spill, and would stop oil companies from externalizing costs and relieve taxpayers of the financial burden.

► Please encourage your Senator to vote yes on E2SHB 1691

Regulate and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Buildings
Greenhouse gas emissions in buildings are second only to transportation in Washington, and the most promising approach to reducing these emissions is through electrification of heating, cooking, and similar energy needs. Market forces alone can no longer move change fast enough. We must apply regulations, explicit incentives, and market forces to ensure we stay on track to meet the states reduction objectives that are now in our law. SB 5722 applies regulations already in place for large buildings to buildings down to 20,000 square feet, and this will include more multi-family housing so those residents can benefit from healthier air and lower energy costs as we continue to electrify the grid.
► Please ask your Representative to vote yes on SB 5722
Establish a Prescription Drug Affordability Board
SB 5532 would coordinate with the Health Care Authority and others to review drugs with excessive price increases and establish a methodology for setting upper limits on payments for prescription drugs and biologics that the Board determines have led or will lead to excess costs. This is important in keeping the increases in cost of health care as low as possible and not contribute to excess profits for pharmaceutical manufacturers.
► Please ask your Representative to vote yes on SB 5532
Treat Chronic Homelessness as a Medical Condition with a Prescription for Housing
This bill (HB 1866) would treat chronic homelessness as a medical condition and require that Apple Health address the needs of chronically homeless populations by pairing a health care problem with a health care solution. It establishes the Apple Health and Homes Program to provide a permanent supportive housing benefit and a community support services benefit to persons who meet eligibility criteria related to income, medical risk factors and barriers to finding stable housing.  Permanent supportive housing is what many people who are chronically homeless need, because it provides wrap-around services as well as housing. This bill provides a clear mechanism by which people who need these services can obtain them.
► Please ask your Senator to vote yes on HB 1866
Support Creation of ADUs to Increase Housing
HB 1660 is necessary to assure that comp planning jurisdictions will accommodate Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in traditionally single-family neighborhoods as one method of increasing urgently needed housing.  Many cities are having NIMBY conflicts with residents when they attempt to add ADU provisions. Additionally, some jurisdictions are declining to try. This would not affect neighborhoods where the homes are too close together.
► Please ask your Senator to vote yes on HB 1660
Improve the State’s Climate Response through the GMA
HB 1099 would add a goal of climate change mitigation to the listed goals of the Growth Management Act (GMA), add a climate change and resiliency element to the list of elements that must be included within the local comprehensive plans, and require the State Commerce Department to provide technical assistance to local jurisdictions in producing these plans.
If not adopted this year, it will be too late for local jurisdictions to meet this requirement by the comp plan update deadline of June 2024.
► Please ask your Senator to vote yes on HB 1099

Other Ways to Follow the State Legislature

  • Washington State Legislature website, leg.wa.gov.
  • Washington State’s public affairs TV network, TVW.org.

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