Out of 60515 ballots from BEFR Democrats, 0 were unsigned and 0 failed to select a party. Overall, there have been 1366 ballots rejected for party selection errors. Please remember to select your party and sign your ballots! There have been 108 Democratic ballots rejected as Too Late.
In Benton and Franklin Counties, 60515 Democrats have voted out of 169751 ballots giving a turnout percentage of 29.06%.
Check the status of your ballot at https://voter.votewa.gov/WhereToVote.aspx
As of3/21/2024
Total Known Democrats*937886
BE Democrats14035
FR Democrats3549
Total BEFR Democrats17584
Other Democrats920302
Total BEFR Voters169751
BE Voters125863
FR Voters46888
Total BEFR Ballots in60515
BE Ballots in47157
FR Ballots in13358
Total Turnout %35.65%
BE Turnout %37.47%
FR Turnout %28.49%
Total BEFR Dem Ballots in17584
Outstanding BEFR Dem Ballots0
BE Dem Ballots in14035
FR Dem Ballots in3549
BE Other Ballots in33122
FR Other Ballots in9809
BEFR Democratic %29.06%
Total BEFR Ballots Rejected1945
BE Ballots Rejected1307
FR Ballots Rejected638
Total BEFR Dem Ballots Rejected180
BE Dem Ballots Rejected139
FR Dem Ballots Rejected41
— Unsigned0
— Signature Does Not Match69
— Error in Party Selection0
— Too Late108
Other Rejected Count1765
BEFR Ballots Rejected for Party Selection Errors1366
Daily Ballots Cured**162
Daily Dem Ballots Cured45
*Voted in the 2024 Democratic Presidential Primary
**Status went from Rejected on previous day to Accepted on current day