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Democracy in Action Across Washington State | News from the League of Women Voters of WA

To Do List

  • Make sure your friends, family, and neighbors are ready to vote! Send them to VOTE411.org to help them learn about the voting process, what’s on their ballot, and candidate responses to questions. It works everywhere in the US!
  • Want to learn more about the candidates? Check out one of the many candidate debates and forums happening this month!
  • Not sure how to address election misinformation? LWVWA has put together quick and easy infobits you can refer to whenever an election question comes up—make sure to bookmark it on your PC and phone.

Upcoming Events

10.21 FRI | Ballot Drop
This is the start of the 18-day voting period (through Election Day). Ballots are mailed out and Accessible Voting Units (AVUs) are available at voting centers.
10.23 SUN | Secretary of State Candidate Debate, 3:30p.m.
The debate between candidates for Washington Secretary of State, Julie Anderson and Steve Hobbs, will be held at Gonzaga University. The debate will be aired and recorded for viewing by voters throughout the state (see TVW and area public broadcasters for times) and a recording will be posted on lwvwa.orgSubmit Questions and Get Tickets
10.23 SUN | Senate Candidate Debate, 5p.m.
The debate between Democratic Sen. Patty Murray and Republican challenger Tiffany Smiley will be held at Gonzaga University. The debate will be aired and recorded for viewing by voters throughout the state (see TVW and area public broadcasters for times) and a recording will be posted on lwvwa.orgSubmit Questions and Get Tickets
10.31 MON | Deadline for Online and Mail-in Voter Registration
Online and mail registrations must be received 8 days before Election Day. Register to vote in person during business hours and any time before 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.
11.8 TUE | General Election
Deposit your ballot in an official drop box by 8 p.m. on Election Day. Registered voters can go to the VoteWA website to find their nearest drop box location based on the address where you are registered to vote (click on "Drop Box and Voting Center Locations" to see your options). You can also access individual county election websites to find ballot drop boxes, get information about voting, and request assistance with voting. 

Around the League

Power Up for Democracy

It’s time to consider how we can use our individual and collective power to effectively move our mission of empowering voters and defending democracy forward.

Save the Date! Action Workshop & Speak Up School

Add these dates to your calendar today. You won’t want to miss our Action Workshop on 12/10/22, and Speak Up School on 1/7/23. More details regarding times and locations coming soon.

Join the Board and See the State 

There are many excellent reasons to join the LWVWA board. But there’s also a “hidden” reason: you will be able to visit various local Leagues and see the sights of our state.

Join Your Local League
The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. Any person 16 and older may become a voting member of the League
Support the League
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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

The League of Women Voters of Washington
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Greetings Democrats,

We are at the Central WA State Fair this week! Come see us at our booth in the SunDome, on the east side (closest to the rides). Take a selfie with Daisy the Democratic Donkey! We also have buttons, t-shirts, magnets, and candidate literature available. 

The Fair is one of our important fundraisers every year that helps us sustain our operations through the fall and winter months. It’s also a great way to be present and visible in the community, share information about our candidates, register voters, and let people know that yes, there ARE Democrats in Yakima!

Fair hours are from noon-10pm Monday-Thursday, noon-11pm on Friday, 11am-11pm on Saturday, and 11am-9pm on Sunday.

Hope to see you there! 

September meeting postponed to Oct. 3rd

Due to the Fair, our September regular meeting will be postponed to NEXT Monday Oct. 3rd at 6pm. We will be in person at the office and on Zoom.

Our office is also closed this week so that we can staff our fair booth. If you need candidate signs, please reply to this email or call 509-452-7197 to make an appointment. We will be back to regular office hours next week.

Upcoming Events

September 26 – Doug White Virtual General Election Campaign Kickoff, 6:30 PM via Zoom. Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/s/86436923073

September 23-October 2 – Central Washington State Fair – Come see us in the SunDome! 

September 29 – Sign waving in support of Ukraine, 40th & Summitview, Yakima, 4-6pm

October 1 – Weekend of Action – CANVASSING 10am-3pm, 402 S 3rd St., Yakima. Join the Washington State Democrats in canvassing fellow Democrats in our community to increase voter turnout and support for our awesome candidates up and down the ballot ahead of the critical November general election! We’ll meet on Saturday at 10am at The Yakima County Democrats Office for a brief training before we head out to knock doors! Sign up here.

October 2 – Weekend of Action – PHONE BANK 2pm-5pm, 402 S 3rd St., Yakima. Join the Washington State Democrats in Phone banking fellow Democrats during our Weekend of Action to increase voter turnout and support for our awesome candidates up and down the ballot ahead of the critical November general election! We’ll meet on Sunday at 10am at The Yakima County Democrats Office for a brief training before we jump on the phone to call voters. 

October 3 – Yakima County Democrats and 14th LD Democrats Monthly Meeting, 6pm, 402 S 3rd Street, Yakima. Also accessible via Zoom.

Your financial support is needed

Like many of our fellow Americans, the Yakima Democrats are basically living “paycheck to paycheck.” Since we are entirely supported by donations, that paycheck is YOU!

We are still in need of about 20 monthly donors at $20 a month to be able to pay our rent, utilities, and other bills. These include things like a Zoom subscription, PO Box fees, and ActBlue fees. 

Thank you to everyone who has already made a one time or recurring donation. We are here because of YOU! We just need a few more folks pitching in to close the gap.

Click here to donate via ActBlue, or mail a check to Yakima Democrats, PO Box 121, Yakima WA 98907.

Thank you as always, and we hope to see you at the Fair and upcoming events!

Naomi Whitmore
Chair, Yakima County Democrats
Aileen Kane
Chair, 14th LD Democrats
Our mailing address is:
Yakima County Democrats
402 S 3rd St
Yakima, WA 98901-2834

Add us to your address book

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Democracy Happy Hour, August 24 @ 5 pm PT:

Are We Coming Closer to Civil War?

Democracy Happy Hour August 24 @ 5 pm PT!

Grab a drink and come hear about the latest democracy news, ongoing efforts to fix democracy, and actions you can take at our weekly Democracy Happy Hour, Wednesdays @ 5 pm PT.

Topic for August 24, 2022:
Are We Coming Closer to Civil War?

Upcoming Topics in August:

  • Aug 31 – Youth Involvement to Strengthen Democracy
  • Sept 7 – Why Do We Need the Separation of Church & State?
  • Sept 14 – Minority Rule: How did we get here?
  • Sept 21 – Benefits & Types of Public Funding for Elections
  • Sept 28 – Next U.S. Supreme Court Session: What can we expect?


Please submit any questions to: cindy@fixdemocracyfirst.org.

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WA Democracy Legislation Weekly Newsletter March 7, 2022

Washington State Democracy Legislation

SESSION UPDATE: The legislative session is wrapping up and will end this Thursday, March 10th. Last Friday was the deadline for bills still alive to pass the opposite chamber. Unfortunately, only a few bills passed, which now move to the Governor’s desk for signing. Many of the bills that did not pass this year, will be reintroduced next session in 2023. 

We will also be hosting a WA 2022 Legislation Recap at our Democracy Happy Hour this week on March 9th @ 5 pmRegister HERE.

BILLS PASSED (awaiting Governor signature):

Prison Gerrymandering:

SB 5583 – Local redistricting to reflect last known residence for incarcerated persons

Bill Summary: It is the responsibility of each county, municipal corporation, and special purpose district with a governing to periodically adjust census data for local redistricting to reflect the last known place of residence for incarcerated persons.

Community Councils:

HB 1769 – Sunsetting Community Councils

Bill Summary: Sunsets the last two community councils in Washington state in Houghton Community Council in Kirkland and East Bellevue Community Council in Bellevue.

Ballot Impact Statements:

HB 1876 – Adds a fiscal impact statement to ballot measures

Bill Summary: This bill would add public investment impact disclosures for certain ballot measures that repeal, levy, or modify any tax or fee and have a fiscal impact showing how adoption of the measure would cause a net change in state revenue.

Weapon Restrictions

HB 1630 – Establishing restrictions on the possession of weapons in certain locations.

Bill Summary:

  • Prohibits the knowing open carry and possession of firearms and other prohibited weapons on to or in school areas and areas of facilities while being used for official meetings of a school district board of directors and requires the school district board of directors to post signs at such locations providing notice of the restrictions.
  • Prohibits the knowing open carry of firearms and other prohibited weapons while knowingly being in a local government building used in connection with meetings of the governing body of the local government or any location of a public meeting or hearing of the governing body of a local government during the meeting or hearing and requires a local government to post signs at such locations providing notice of the restrictions.
  • Prohibits the knowing carry and possession of firearms and other prohibited weapons in election-related offices and facilities and requires election officials to post signs at election-related facilities providing notice of the restrictions.
  • Makes violations of these restrictions a misdemeanor for first time offenses while second and subsequent violations are gross.

Campaign Funds for Child Care:

SB 5855 – Concerning the use of campaign funds to reimburse expenses for child care and other caregiving services.

Bill Summary: Authorizes the use of campaign contributions to reimburse candidates for expenses for the direct care, protection, and supervision of a child or person over whom the candidate has direct caregiving responsibility incurred directly due to campaign activities.

Ballot Casting Locations:

HB 1716 – Concerning locations at which ballots may be cast.

Bill Summary: 

  • Requires that county auditors open a voting center during a special election only if the county is conducting a special election.
  • Requires that county auditors open a voting center, rather than only conduct in-person voter registration, at certain locations.
  • Restricts certain political activity near voting centers, student engagement hubs, and ballot drop boxes during the voting period.


Voting Rights Act Enhancements:

SB 5597 – WA Voting Rights Act Enhancements

Bill Summary:

  • Pre-clearance – Codifies factors which establish a presumptive case of vote dilution in violation of the Washington Voting Rights Act (WVRA).
  • Establishes a mechanism for claimants who send successful notices of potential WVRA violations to recover costs of up to $50,000 from jurisdictions for research needed to send the notice.
  • Requires certain jurisdictions to obtain pre-clearance for changes to covered voting practices.
  • Establishes a data repository at the University of Washington to assist jurisdictions and researches in election best practices.

Secure Automatic Voter Registration:

SB 5636 – Expanding and Enhancing Automatic Voter Registration

Bill Summary: Modifies voter registration at the Department of Licensing (DOL) and Health Benefit Exchange to make registration of eligible applicants automatic with the agency transaction unless subsequently declined in writing. 

Ranked Choice Voting:

Local Options for Ranked Choice Voting

HB 1156 &  SB 5584 –  Bill Summary: Permits the use of ranked choice voting (RCV) in elections for offices in counties, cities, towns, school districts, fire districts, and port districts, and establishes certain requirements for RCV ballot design and vote tabulation.

Ranked Choice Voting for Presidential Primaries – 2 bills 

HB 1926 & SB 5851 – Bill Summary:  The presidential primary shall be conducted using ranked choice voting, unless a party has fielded two or fewer candidates, in which case the presidential primary for that party shall be conducted in substantially the same manner as a state primary under this title. 

Redistricting Plan:

SB 5560 – Procedures for approval and submission of the redistricting plan

Bill Summary:

  • Redistricting plan must include at least:
    • (a) Maps showing the division of the state into congressional and legislative districts; and
    • (b) complete descriptions of each district using official census units, such as tracts and blocks, sufficient to codify the plan.
  • The redistricting plan must be prepared and published and be made available to the public at the time the plan is submitted to the legislature.
  • The commission must make a redistricting plan publicly available at least 72 hours before voting to approve the plan. Once the plan has been made publicly available, any amendments to the plan must be debated and voted on in open session, and at least 24 hours must pass after any amendments are adopted before the commission may vote on final approval of the plan.

Advisory Votes:

SB 5182 – Eliminating Advisory Votes

Bill Summary: 

  • Repeals the requirement that advisory votes for tax increase legislation appear on the ballot and voters’ pamphlet.
  • Requires that a fiscal impact statement appear in the voters’ pamphlet for legislation passed affecting state revenues.
  • Requires that a pie chart showing operating budget expenditures for the most recent biennium appear in the voters’ pamphlet.

Election Officials Protection:

HB 1618 – Prohibiting weapons at election-related offices

  • Restricts the carrying and possession of firearms and other specified weapons in certain election offices and facilities.
  • Requires posted notice of such restrictions at election offices and facilities.

Odd-Year Elections:

HB 1727 – Eliminating Odd-Year Elections

Bill Summary: Eliminates odd-year elections in Washington State, including special elections. Includes all state, county, city, town, and district general elections for the election of federal, state, legislative, judicial, county, city, town, and district officers, and for any measure (referendums and ballot initiatives) for adoption and approval or rejection. The benefit and goal is to increase voter participation, as currently odd-year elections have the lowest turnout and decisions are often made by a minority of the voters.

Public Disclosure:

HB 1919 – Public Disclosure Commission Recommendations

Bill Summary:

  • Updates campaign reporting deadlines to ensure voters have weekly access to campaign financing information to match the longer period ballots are available for voting.
  • Clarifying for the voter when political ads are endorsing a candidate who is running in a different election or a race other than the current one, and ads that encourage votes for a person who is not a candidate as of the date the ad is run.

 Election Officials Protection:

SB 5148 – Concerning the harassment of election officials.

Bill Summary: Elevates the crime of harassment to a Class C felony when the harassment is directed at an election official with the Secretary of State or county auditor’s office.

Conservation Districts

HB 1910 – Conservation District Elections

Bill Summary: This bill would put all conservation district elections on the regular ballot, all positions will be elected, landownership requirement will be removed, and public disclosure will be required. 

Close Lobbying Revolving Door:

SB 5170 – Employment After Public Service in State Government

Bill Summary:

  • Prohibits various state officers and employees from receiving compensation for certain lobbying activities for one year after leaving state service.
  • Requires state officers and employees subject to that prohibition to file post-employment disclosure statements.
  • Requires display of post-employment disclosure statements on the Executive Ethics Board’s website. 

Women’s Suffrage Day:

HB 1485 – Women’s Suffrage Day a Legal Holiday

Bill Summary: Designates March 22 to be a state legal holiday, recognized as Women’s Suffrage Day.

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