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Benton County Democratic Central Committee

and 8th LD Democratic Central Committee

Reorganization Meetings

January 8, 2023

1:00 PM at the Richland Public Library

Call to Meeting

The 8th LD Democratic Central Committee and the Benton County Democratic Central Committee are having their biennial reorganization meetings at the Richland Public Library on January 8 at 1:00 PM.

At these meetings, both bodies will be electing officers for the 2023-2024 term. All positions are open to any Democrat who resides in the respective jurisdictions, 8th Legislative District and Benton County. The voting body consists of the Precinct Committee Officers who were either elected in the August 2022 Primary or who ran for that office but were unopposed.

If you volunteered for any of the local campaigns last year and want to continue the work of building the bench and staff resources for the next round of elections, please consider serving in your local party organization. We are looking for Chairs, Vice-chairs, State Committee representatives, Secretaries, and Treasurers.

Do you feel like you’re a blue dot in a red sea? Do you wish to have influence in how your local party organization is run? Do you want to influence what the Washington State Democratic party does? Please consider serving.

The 8th LD meeting will be first and will start at 1:00 PM. Most of the Benton County Democratic elected Precinct Committee Officers reside in the 8th Legislative District and will be the voting body in this meeting. The PCOs residing in the 16th LD will not participate until the Benton County meeting convenes after the 8th LD concludes. (We will also have 8th LD PCOs present who reside in Franklin County. These folks will be free to leave when the 8th LD meeting is done.)

Since this is an in-person meeting, it would be good thing to use one of your home COVID tests in the morning before the meeting.

The rules and agendas for both meetings are similar.

The first election in each meeting will be the new Chair. When the new Chair is elected, that person will preside over the rest of the respective meeting.  

See the Benton County Agenda below.

Benton County Democratic Central Committee

Reorganization Meeting

January 8, 2023

1:00 PM at the Richland Public Library

2023-2024 BCDCC Reorganization Meeting Proposed Agenda

 Call to order (after 8th LD reorg meeting, or 2PM, whichever is later)

Each Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) elected in the August 2022 Washington State Primary election for the 2023-2024 term shall have signed in and provided their First Name, Last Name, and Precinct Number.

Call to Order by Temporary Chair

Flag Salute and Ancestral Land recognition (Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla)

Appointment of Temporary Secretary

Roll Call of Voting Members

Adoption of the Agenda†

Overview of Election Process

    Review of the Rules

    Adoption of the Rules

Election of Initial Officers†


    Vice Chair

    State Committee Members

Election of Additional Officers†



    Second Vice Chair

Affirmation of Organizational Governance Documents†


    Policy Guide


Optional Appointment of Additional PCOs

    Appointed PCOs (PCOs appointed in the precinct in which they reside)

    Acting PCOs (PCO appointed in a precinct in which they do not reside)

Announcement of next meeting date

Good of the Order


†Only elected PCOs may vote