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Benton County Democratic Central Committee

General Meeting

September 22


5:00p for potluck dinner Meeting starts at 5:30P

3303 S. Hartford St., Kennewick

Home of Cherissa Boyd and Richard Reuther

Update: Weather will require the in-person meeting to be indoors. Please be prepared to wear a mask.

Note that there will be discussions about the documents linked above. Please review them in advance of the meeting, if possible.

When joining the meeting, please type your name and your role in the chat. If you are a PCO, please type your precinct number by your name. If you are an officer or committee chair, please include that information. If none of those apply to you, please type guest, and we’re glad you’re joining us!

Benton County Democratic Central Committee

September 22, 2022

Hybrid Meeting

Meeting begins at 5:30 PM

Flag Salute

Call to Order

Adopt Agenda

Approval of Minutes

Secretary’s Report (Position open)

Treasurer’s Report & Communications (Durga)

Chair’s Report (Richard)

  • Campaign volunteers

1st VC Report (Regina)

2nd VC Report (John)

Organizing Committee (Allison)

Elections Committee (Justin)

  • Draft proposal on Election Committee function
  • Discussion

State Committee Member 1 (Regina)

State Committee Member 2 (Sabastian)

Resolutions (Kitty)

Labor (Open)

Events & Tri-City Dems (Carl)

8th LD (Chris)

16th LD

15th LD

Unfinished Business

New Business

  • Ramping up activities for the November election

Good of the Order