Upcoming Events
We are looking for volunteers to establish a counter-demonstration at a local Bill Bryant event on Friday, July 22, at 3:30 PM in Columbia Park in Kennewick near the Field of Dreams.
On Sunday, July 31, Senator Patty Murray will be at the Plumber and Steamfitters Local 598 at 3:00 PM at 1328 N 28th Ave in Pasco. It will be the formal launch of the Coordinated Campaign office located there for this election season. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to participate in some precinct doorbelling.
On July 28, area Democrats have been invited by the Walla Walla Democrats to join them in a convention watch party at the Smith Family Restaurant on 1425 W Pine St, Walla Walla at 6:00 PM to hear Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech.
Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are needed to staff our booth at the Benton Franklin Fair from August 23-27. Shifts are 3 hours long during the day and into the evening. We also need people to assist in the setup and teardown of the booth before and after the fair. Please notify us at chair@bencodems.org if you can help.
The Benton County Democratic Central Committee endorses the following candidates: Jay Inslee for Governor, Tina Podlodowski for Secretary of State, Bob Ferguson for Attorney General, Doug McKinley for Congress, Rebecca Francik for 16th Legislative District Representative Position 1, Gary Downing for 16th LD Position 2, and Jennifer Goulet for 9th LD Position 1.
National Convention Delegates
The delegates to the National Convention from the 4th Congressional District include Mark Hoover, Jonathan Johns, Elizabeth Woodward, Susan Palmer, Patsy Whitefoot, and Tri-cities own Kate Moran. Matt Tomaskin has been appointed to the credentials committee.
Last PCO appointments of the year
The July 20 meeting of the Benton County Democratic Central Committee was the last meeting of the year in which PCO’s were appointed.
PCO’s for 2017 will be elected on the August 2 primary ballot which will be mailed to voters beginning July 15.


Primary Races

In Benton County, there are three Democrats running for state offices. We have a fighting chance of securing a Democratic win in the 4th Congressional District given the dysfunction in the Republican Party. There are a large number of Republicans who will support the primary challenge of Clint Didier against the incumbent, Dan Newhouse. If our well-qualified candidate, Doug McKinley, can garner the strong support of  the Democratic base in the primary, he could beat the lukewarm support of Dan Newhouse by the Republicans. That would leave McKinley and Didier as the top two candidates going into the general election. Faced with that choice, we expect many reasonable Republicans withhold their vote from the loose cannon that is Didier. That gives McKinley a decent chance of winning the general election. We need a strong GOTV effort in July to secure that primary support for Doug.

Rebecca Francik is running for position 1 of the 16th LD.  Gary Downing is also making a bid for position 2 of the 16th LD. Like Doug, they also need strong support for the August 2 primary to make sure they pass through to the general election.

Elected Precinct Committee Officer

In January, 2017, party officer elections will be held for offices at both the Legislative District and County levels. In order to vote for for local party officers one must be an elected Precinct Committee Officer. In order to be an elected PCO, one must have filed for election in May to be on the ballot for the August 2 statewide primary. Elected PCO’s serve 2-year terms. Our PCO’s are the heart of the local Democratic Party. They are the ones who have voice and vote at official local party meetings and are the ones who direct our local party activities.

Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) are responsible for organizing the precinct. However, in many precincts in Benton County the office of Democratic Party PCO is vacant. Volunteers are needed to canvass and get out the vote in those precincts. The primary purpose of this organizing project is to support candidates and measures on the ballot this fall, but a second important purpose is to build our party organization by identifying and recruiting interested, able Democrats to serve as PCO in precincts with vacancies, people who could become Appointed PCOs and get to work now, then run for election to the seat in 2016. A precinct campaign has two phases: canvassing and Get Out The Vote (GOTV). We would like you to begin canvassing as soon as possible. When you are assigned a precinct, you will be given a list of everyone currently registered to vote in the precinct. (PCOs are often set up to print their own lists.) Contact each household and ask whether everyone who is eligible to vote has registered. (Registrants must be U.S. citizens and 18 years old by the next election.)   Identify people who are planning to vote Democratic and try to win the votes of additional, currently undecided, voters. Keep a list that shows which voters are likely to vote Democratic. The second phase of your precinct campaign, Get Out The Vote, will begin in mid-July, shortly before the primary ballots are mailed by the Benton County Election Dept. The goal of GOTV is to maximize turnout of the Democratic voters who have been identified in the precinct. There will be another GOTV effort in October for the general election.