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February Minutes are available

February Minutes

Location Change

The location for the Young Democrats Elections meeting on Wednesday. February 22,  has been changed to the Community Unitarian Universalist Church at 2819 W. Sylvester Street in Pasco. The meeting time is the same, 5:30 PM.

Under Construction

Please forgive our digital dust. Our website will be going through some changes over the next few weeks as we reorganize it for the new political reality of our current days.

January Minutes are available

January Minutes

News and Comments

We have added a blogging feature to the website. You can find it in the News and Comments button on the main menu above. Look there for a news feed of recent and future happenings.

Our First Stand – Tri-Cities

The rally in support of the Affordable Car Act on Sunday, January 15, at the John Dam Plaza in Richland was an amazing success. Close to 200 people attended. We had press coverage on three local television channels and a wonderful 20 column-inch article in the Tri-City Herald.

A special thank you to the planners who put this together in less than a week. We also give our heart-felt thanks to all those who braved the weather to come out and show their support.

But the fight to preserve and improve access to health care in our community and in our country doesn’t end with the rally. It only is the beginning. We need people to continue to challenge our Republican Congressman Dan Newhouse with phone calls to his offices and at personal appearances he makes in our area. He needs to hear the stories of what the consequences of his votes are on his constituents.

Congressman Dan Newhouse
TriCities (509) 713-7374
Yakima (509) 452-3243
Washington DC (202) 225-5816

Links to press coverage on the rally:

Officers for 2017-2018

Chair David Rose
Vice-Chair Misty Muchlinski
State Committeewoman Kate Moran
State Committeeman Doug McKinley
Secretary Kendall Miller
Treasurer Stacy Cash-Ware

Due to the pressing need to have a regular meeting in January and because key leadership has an international commitment, we are having a special meeting on Monday, January 9, at 7:00 PM. The meeting is tentatively set for the Laborers Local 348 Hall, but that may be subject to change. Please watch this space, our Facebook page, and/or your email for any location change.

Parliamentary Procedure Primer

Here’s a link to the Parliamentary Procedure material we used in a recent class.

Holiday Party Update

The Holiday Party was a success with excellent attendance and a good time had by all. Thanks to all the folks who put in the work to make it happen, thanks to our speakers, and thanks to all the party supporters who came out.

Benton County Election Results

We have added a link in our Documents and Resources page to a spreadsheet showing the 2106 election results precinct by precinct. If you are of a mind to crunch some numbers, download the file and do some sorting and sifting. You could compare the presidential vote to the gubernatorial vote. Votebuilder users could compare the actual turnout in a precinct to the number of registered voters. You can see which precincts have a strong Democratic presence and you can see where there is work to be done.

Elected Precinct Committee Officer

On January 7, 2017, party officer elections will be held for offices at both the 8th Legislative District and Benton County levels at the Richland Public Library beginning at 1:30 PM. In order to vote for local party officers one must be an elected Precinct Committee Officer. In order to be an elected PCO, one must have filed for election in May to be on the ballot for the August 2 statewide primary. Elected PCO’s serve 2-year terms. Our PCO’s are the heart of the local Democratic Party. They are the ones who have voice and vote at official local party meetings and are the ones who direct our local party activities.

Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) are responsible for organizing the precinct. However, in many precincts in Benton County the office of Democratic Party PCO is vacant. Volunteers are needed to canvass and get out the vote in those precincts. The primary purpose of this organizing project is to support candidates and measures on the ballot this fall, but a second important purpose is to build our party organization by identifying and recruiting interested, able Democrats to serve as PCO in precincts with vacancies, people who could become Appointed PCOs and get to work now, then run for election to the seat in 2016. A precinct campaign has two phases: canvassing and Get Out The Vote (GOTV). We would like you to begin canvassing as soon as possible. When you are assigned a precinct, you will be given a list of everyone currently registered to vote in the precinct. (PCOs are often set up to print their own lists.) Contact each household and ask whether everyone who is eligible to vote has registered. (Registrants must be U.S. citizens and 18 years old by the next election.)   Identify people who are planning to vote Democratic and try to win the votes of additional, currently undecided, voters. Keep a list that shows which voters are likely to vote Democratic. The second phase of your precinct campaign, Get Out The Vote, will begin in mid-July, shortly before the primary ballots are mailed by the Benton County Election Dept. The goal of GOTV is to maximize turnout of the Democratic voters who have been identified in the precinct. There will be another GOTV effort in October for the general election.