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There is only one candidate fit for the job of Washington Secretary of State: Democrat Steve Hobbs.

Since being appointed in November 2021, Steve has worked tirelessly to ensure voting is safe and accessible in Washington state, and stop the spread of dangerous misinformation coming from MAGA Republicans trying to intimidate and confuse voters, so they don’t cast a ballot.

He’s implemented a successful text messaging program to contact people if their ballot is rejected, increased education outreach to voters, doubled the office’s cybersecurity efforts, and much more. The secure, smoothly-run August primary is proof of his leadership and dedication. 

Steve’s efforts so far are a direct reflection of some of the Democratic values our party holds most dear: protecting the freedom to vote and increasing access to the ballot box for all eligible voters. Currently, he is the sole AAPI secretary of state in the nation, and only the second overall in U.S. history. The proud son of a Japanese immigrant, Steve was raised to work hard, treasure education and serve others. His family experience is why he’s so committed to including and engaging Washington’s diverse voting population, which consists of many cultures and over 163 languages. Steve has only just begun in this role, and we must elect him in November, so he can continue to do good work — the alternative is far too terrifying. 

His opponent, Julie Anderson, calls herself “nonpartisan,” vehemently hiding behind that label, so she can avoid taking a stand on key issues. Anderson also holds many current and past ties to prominent Republicans, and just this week, was endorsed by the Mainstream Republicans of Washington, as well as failed WA-08 candidate Reagan Dunn, who is fundraising on her behalf. She also recently spoke at House Minority Leader J.T. Wilcox’s annual Salmon Bake. Donations from the event are funneled directly to anti-abortion Republican candidates running for office across Washington — candidates who question the legitimacy of Washington’s election results, and are unwilling to prioritize voter outreach and equity. Anderson is a consistent supporter of GOP candidates in county auditor and past secretary of state races too.

Her supposed independence is further clouded by her choosing to hire two Republican firms, Sermo Digital and Elect Northwest, to run her campaign, which consistently work with Republican leadership and routinely provide misinformation about Democratic candidates and policies statewide, using different digital vehicles. Don’t worry though, she routinely identifies herself as “not a Democrat,” and will aggressively seek to correct anyone who does.

Bottom line: How can you trust someone to run our election system when they consistently refuse to tell you who they are and what they value? You can’t.

And more than that, Anderson has a track record of trying to block Democratic voting innovations while serving as the Pierce County auditor:

  • She testified against House Bill 1290 requiring ballot drop boxes on college campuses — legislation intended to make voting easier for thousands of students. Anderson told lawmakers she didn’t think establishing drop boxes on college campuses would raise voter participation, saying,  “I do not believe that an inanimate object creates patriotism and moves people to action.” Research would suggest otherwise. A 2017 study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Election Data and Science Lab examined the impact of additional drop boxes on voter turnout in Washington state, specifically within Pierce County. It revealed “the more the new drop box reduced a voter’s distance to his or her nearest drop boxes, the larger was the increase in probability that that voter would vote.” Funny how that works?
  • Anderson also opposed the Washington Voting Rights Act, especially aspects of it in favor of rank-choice voting at the local level (something she now supposedly supports), and fought against Senate Bill 6021 to allow same-day voter registration. In a 2017 blog post discussing upcoming voting bills, she wrote, “As election administrators evaluate these options, everyone should keep in mind that voter registration doesn’t necessarily result in better turnout.” Again, research suggests otherwise. Time and again, we’ve seen what happens when we remove unnecessary hurdles to the ballot box, voter participation goes up

Anderson has made clear her belief election administrators should play no role in promoting voter outreach and education efforts, even writing an op-ed on the topic. It’s unsurprising that during her tenure average voter turnout has actually declined in Pierce County from 2010-2021. From 2000-2009, it was 56.87%, and under Anderson, 53.67%.

She’s also made SEVERAL high-profile mistakes while in office:

When our literal democracy is on the line, it is imperative we have someone trustworthy and accountable in the Secretary of State’s office: that individual is Steve. While in the state Legislature, he worked on and supported every voting rights bill, including the ones Anderson testified against. 

There is a reason Steve won a majority of the votes in Anderson’s home county, earning 30.46% to her 19.61%. If we want voting to remain fair, accessible and secure in Washington state, we must return him to office. And right now, this race is too close for comfort. A recent Crosscut/Elway poll showed Steve just 2% ahead of Anderson (31% to her 29%), with 40% of voters still undecided. Remember, this is the first time a Democrat has held this position in 60 years. We can’t afford to lose it for another six decades, and if we continue to put in the work, we won’t.


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