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For democracy to work for all of us, it must include us all. Our vote is our power, but MAGA Republicans everywhere want to take us backwards by making it harder to cast a ballot.

We won’t let them.

Now more than ever, we must fight to ensure Washington’s elections remain safe and accessible — the only way to do that is by retaining Steve Hobbs as secretary of state. 

Democrats have worked tirelessly to expand access to the ballot box and strengthen our freedom to vote in recent years, and Steve has been a part of those efforts since the beginning.

While in the legislature, he supported legislation to make voting more accessible by adding drop boxes, allow same-day and automatic registration, and permit 16 and 17 year olds to pre-register. Steve also backed the historic Washington Voting Rights Act and Native American Voting Rights Act, and sponsored the Washington Disclosure Act to increase transparency in campaign finance laws. 

And in his current role, he’s continued to safeguard voting access, and also worked tirelessly to stop the spread of dangerous misinformation coming from MAGA Republicans trying to intimidate and confuse voters.

The secure, smoothly-run August primary is proof of his leadership and dedication — both of which are a credit to his family experience. The proud son of a Japanese immigrant, Steve was raised to work hard, treasure education and serve others. Because of this, he also is deeply committed to engaging Washington’s diverse voting population, consisting of many cultures and over 163 languages. He is the sole AAPI secretary of state in the nation, and only the second in U.S. history.

Flashback Friday: Steve and his mom in the '70s.

Since his appointment in November 2021, he has already implemented a successful text messaging program to contact people if their ballot is rejected, increased education outreach to voters, doubled the office’s cybersecurity efforts, and much more. 

With cyber and disinformation attacks THE biggest threats to our voting system, Steve — a military veteran of more than 30 years and current lieutenant colonel in the state Army National Guard — brings his understanding of those kinds of attacks and information warfare via the Defense Information School (DINFOS) and the Command and General Staff College, as well as real-world experience working with the National Security Agency while on active duty. His so-called “nonpartisan” opponent has none of this experience.

Steve’s commitment to keeping our votes safe and accessible for all, and his defense of our democracy is without question — much like Congresswoman Kim Schrier.

The 8th Congressional District remains one of the most competitive in the nation, and could determine whether Democrats retain or lose control of the House. While Kim secured more votes than her MAGA Republican challengers in the Aug. 2 primary, the district is still a toss up, with 49.6% of the vote going to Democrats and 49.2% to the GOP. 

Her opponent, Matt Larkin, is known for peddling the same misinformation and dangerous election conspiracy theories Steve is working so hard to correct. Larkin, who pledged to join the extreme House Freedom Caucus if elected, has refused to say whether President Joe Biden’s victory was legitimate, and is a vehement supporter of Donald Trump and the MAGA agenda, especially when it comes to a nationwide ban on abortion without exception, even saying, “I don’t believe in the exceptions… for rape or incest or things like that.” His stance on abortion is radical, he’s been praised for being “unashamedly pro-life” by the far-right Family Policy Institute of Washington, which also supports banning abortion entirely and has compared it to slavery as a “grotesque evil that took too long to extinguish.” While Kim is the ONLY pro-choice female doctor in Congress.

This is why Kevin McCarthy’s super PAC has promised to spend $4.5 million attacking Kim — those ads are already airing on TV. The 8th is one of two districts in the ENTIRE country where the Congressional Leadership Fund went up earlier than they initially announced, starting Aug. 24 and running through election day. And now on top of this, the National Republican Congressional Committee just recently announced a $2.3 million ad buy in the district as well.

It’s abundantly clear: Matt Larkin is too extreme for the 8th and Washington state as a whole, let alone public office — a sentiment shared by The Seattle Times’ editorial board. In a recent piece endorsing Kim, the board highlighted her bipartisan work to address the issues most impacting our state, and wrote, “Larkin is ill-suited for the job. The voters of the 8th District need a thoughtful advocate like Schrier, not an ideological social issues warrior. … Vote for Schrier because party affiliation matters, and this year, congressional Democrats will best protect the interests of democracy.

We couldn’t agree more, and believe that statement applies up and down the ballot. Only Democrats are fighting to protect our freedoms and keep moving our state and nation forward. But if we lose our majorities — whether it’s at the state, legislative or federal level — that progress will be lost.

This November, we must elect leaders who govern in our interests and make the promise of democracy real for us all — that means electing Democratic champions like Steve Hobbs and Kim Schrier. We have 32 days to make that happen, and need your help to do it! Get involved today by signing up for one (or more) of the many volunteer opportunities below.


Thank YOU for helping make our Weekend of Action such a success! We held dozens and dozens of events statewide, and reached out to tens of thousands of voters over the two days. But we’re just getting started, as ballots are set to start arriving in mailboxes in TWO WEEKS

You know the stakes have never been higher, which is why we are working so hard to ensure we not only protect but expand our Democratic majorities at all levels. Next Friday, we’ll kick off our official Get Out the Vote tour for the general election, with a variety of events happening across Washington — giving you plenty of chances to get involved and support our efforts. Stay tuned for more details!


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I just joined the state party as the new Voter Protection Director this week and I’m so excited to be here!

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I'm a Democrat because I am passionate about protecting and expanding abortion access and ensuring everyone has the freedom to make the right decisions for themselves, their health, and their families.
Why do you enjoy this work?
I care deeply about protecting every voter's right to cast their ballot and have their vote count. It's such an honor to be joining a team that is putting in the work to make that a reality for everyone.
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The work we do today wins elections in November. If you’re ready to elect Democrats in every race and every place in Washington state, invest in our efforts and make a contribution nowConsider supporting our work year round by joining our monthly giving program, Blue Washington!

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