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Good morning fellow Democrats,

This week is one of my favorite times of the political calendar: filing week! We have hundreds of local offices across the state where you – yes, YOU – can make a difference in your community by filing to run. If you’re thinking that you don’t have the money, or time, to run for office – think again! Many local offices are part-time positions, and it’s very likely that there’s something open in your community where no one has even filed for the job yet.

These local races may not cost much to run or require a full-time commitment if you’re elected, but they’re critically important roles. Look no further than how the far-right has weaponized school boards in Florida and other red states to ban books featuring LGBTQ+ characters for an example of why it matters to have principled community leaders in these positions. 

So, how do you file for office? It’s much easier than you might think! First, check this link from the Secretary of State’s office to see what positions are up for election this year in your community. Then, click here to find out if anyone has filed for that position already. If you spot a vacant position that matches your skills or interests, you can file online using this form from the SOS’s official website. Many positions don’t even require a filing fee!


Yesterday, President Biden announced that the federal government will bring additional resources to bear on the homelessness crisis in Seattle – a much-needed infusion of federal money and staff to help bring people inside to safe shelter. The President’s initiative, ALL INside, aims to reduce our country’s unhoused population by 25% in the next two years. This is huge news, as many housing and homelessness experts tie the rise in unhoused people to the defunding of public housing and the Department of Housing and Urban Development under Reagan’s administration, and President Biden’s move to re-engage on this issue marks a dramatic shift from past Republican occupants of the White House.


This week, I’m reminding myself that even when our movement fails to carry the day, we grow stronger by fighting for our values. In South Carolina, where more than a dozen Republican state legislators co-sponsored a bill that would make getting an abortion punishable by the death penalty earlier this year, Republicans passed a bill to ban abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. 

Why does this give me hope? Because it took literally all week for them to pass this unpopular and unjust policy after Democratic women in the legislature filed more than a thousand amendments to bog down the process. Despite ultimately being unsuccessful in stopping the policy, these courageous women made damn sure their constituents and the entire nation paid attention to this latest assault on pregnant people’s fundamental freedom to control their own bodies. That’s the kind of unrelenting advocacy Democrats bring to the table, and why I’m drawing hope from their example this week.

Also, if you have family or friends in South Carolina who will be affected by this ban, remind them that our Washington Democrats have passed a law that would protect them from prosecution if they come here to get the essential reproductive care they need.


Railway Safety Act will help protect communities | The Seattle Times

Senator Cantwell is leading a coalition as Chair of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee to bring much-needed safety regulations to the rail industry. The recent derailment of a train carrying toxic chemicals in East Palestine, Ohio grabbed headlines, but train derailments have become more common than the public realizes in recent years after the Trump administration deregulated the industry. 

Pramila Jayapal introduces Medicare for All Act of 2023 | Twitter
This week, Rep. Jayapal joined Senator Sanders in introducing the Medicare for All Act of 2023 to provide universal health care to every American as a fundamental right. Check out the link above to watch her comments at the press conference they held to build momentum for the law!

Gluesenkamp Perez Introduces Rural Broadband Bill | The Daily Chronicle
Another critically important bill from Rep. Gluesenkamp Perez this week would create more competition and improve broadband access in rural areas. As she told attendees at a recent town hall, broadband access is essential for access to education, telehealth, and so much more in our digital age. We’re proud to have Marie representing Southwest Washington in Congress and are working around the clock to keep her in office!

State Party Updates

Keep in touch, stay engaged, and as always, thank you for all you do!

With gratitude,

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