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In just two short weeks, Democrats from across Washington will gather in Tacoma for our state party’s bi-annual convention, Friday, June 24, and Saturday, June 25. It is the first one we’ve held in person since 2018, making it a historic homecoming of sorts, as we take time to celebrate our diverse Democratic community, affirm the values that will guide our party for years to come, and build momentum ahead of the 2022 midterm. Below, you’ll find links to purchase tickets to our terrific gala dinner (not black tie — come as you are) on the evening of the 25th, and as well as a registration link for our over 1,200 delegates. It’s a reunion no one should miss, and I’ll be there with open arms waiting to welcome you! I am so honored to serve as your state chair, and can’t wait to celebrate our “Homecoming” together soon.

We know Democrats are doing the real work to make meaningful improvements in the lives of all Washingtonians each day — a stark contrast to the Republican Party at the state and national levels.

Last night, I wept for our country as I watched the opening Jan. 6 committee hearing, which confirmed what we already knew: The GOP and Trump are solely culpable for the failed coup attempt that day, as well as the continued spread of the “Big Lie”  in the days since to sow distrust and undermine our democracy nationwide. The American people deserve the truth, and as more is revealed, it’s abundantly clear why Republicans are trying so hard to discredit it. But we won’t let them. What happened on Jan. 6 is the antithesis of patriotism. Those responsible must be held accountable and out of office; it’s our job to ensure that. We MUST turn out Democratic voters in every race and every place in Washington state — and that work is happening now.


We officially kicked off the election cycle last Saturday with our first statewide Day of Action of the 2022 campaign. Hundreds of party staff, volunteers, elected officials, and candidates knocked on thousands of doors in King, Clark, Walla Walla, Pierce, and Snohomish counties, and around the state!  We connected with voters and captured the excitement for Democrats up and down the ticket. Thank YOU for making it such a success, but we can’t stop there. 

Recent events continue to reaffirm just how imperative it is for us to retain our majorities at the state and federal levels. To ensure that, we have to band together and work harder than ever before — the 2020 election was a warm up for 2022. We need you with us at future Days of Action and other organizing events from now until November. And please consider investing in our efforts with a contribution today, so we can continue to ramp up our organizing efforts.


Washington Democrats Submit Bid to DNC for Early Presidential Primary Consideration
The Washington State Democratic Party officially applied June 3 to become one of the first states to hold an early presidential primary in 2024. If chosen to move forward, the state party will make a formal pitch before the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee on June 22-24 in Washington D.C. A decision is expected by Aug. 6.
Hot seat: Strickland defends Democrats' work on gun control
U.S. Rep. Marilyn Strickland spoke to Axios Seattle on Democrats’ work at the federal level to create gun control laws. Several bills have been passed the House, only to die in the Senate.
Parents struggling with baby-formula shortage as Murray, Schrier promise follow-up action
U.S. Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Kim Shrier discussed the nation’s baby-formula shortage with a group of Washington parents and possible legislation to mitigate the issue.

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How long have you worked for the state party, and what is your role here?
I've been with the state party since July of last year, and I am currently the data manager.
Why are you a Democrat?
I enjoy this job because I know the work that I do is valuable and I love being surrounded by individuals motivated by the same mission.
Why do you enjoy this work?
I am a Democrat because I care about the human rights of all people. Because I care about the environment that future generations will call home. Because I care about a citizen’s right to bodily autonomy. And because I care about living in a place where I feel represented
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Washington State Democratic Convention
Join us for our state party’s bi-annual convention June 24-25 at the Tacoma Convention Center, with the gala on the evening of the 25th. Attendees will hear from many remarkable local and national Democratic leaders. Watch for the announcement of our incredible lineup soon!

Snag your tickets TODAY!

2022 Golden Tennis Shoe Awards
U.S. Sen. Patty Murray will host her 27th Annual Golden Tennis Shoe Awards noon on Friday, June 17, at the Washington State Convention Center. Former U.S. Sen. Doug Jones of Alabama is set to join her and speak. Purchase tickets HERE.


For the week of June 10-16:

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From now until November, we have to mobilize every Democratic voter in Washington state — and we need your help to accomplish that. Join our incredible team of volunteers!


Connections Lab: Stop, Drop, and Roll Workshop | 8 to 11:30 a.m. June 25 
Learn the science behind framing and leave with skills to create effective messages that tell people who Democrats are, what we believe, and why our ideas work better for all Americans.

Use the promo code “ASDC” at checkout to attend for free. Register HERE.

Connections Lab: Framing the Impending Roe v. Wade Decision | 5-6 p.m. June 27
Hear from a messaging expert on how best to frame and discuss the U.S. Supreme Court’s impending decision likely overturning Roe v. Wade, jeopardizing access to abortion.

Register to attend for free HERE.

Keep in touch, stay engaged, and as always, thank you for all you do!

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