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Hello Democrats!

To sum up tonight’s results, Democrats dominated all across the state – thanks to you! Because of your investment of resources, hard work and time we were able to spur terrific Democratic turnout and help put our candidates on the path to victory. While there are still many votes to be counted in the coming days, we feel very good about Democratic performance at this stage of the game and we owe our success to your hard work and investment!

Voter Turnout

Despite rain, sleet, and snow we had a terrific GOTV season and spoke with so many great Democrats statewide!

Overall, 1,724,719  ballots were cast as of this evening. That represents a current turnout rate of 46.5%, that we anticipate will trend to at least 61.2% in the coming days. 

Compared to 2018 (71.8%) and 2014 (54.1%) we are pleased with these statistics. With that being said, we will be working tirelessly in the coming days to make sure every vote is counted and nothing is left on the table! 

Turnout for the five most populous counties was as follows, with 635,388 outstanding ballots left to be counted statewide as of this evening.

King - 44.7%
Pierce – 43.7%
Snohomish – 48.3%
Spokane – 49.6%
Clark – 46.8%

GOTV Statistics

Thanks to the hard work of our organizers and volunteers we were able to rack up some seriously strong GOTV numbers. Here’s what we got done:

Door Knocks – Over 200K!

Calls – Over 820K!

Texts – Over 1.2M!

Volunteer Shifts – We’re still counting!


U.S. Senate

Patty Murray had a decisive victory – carrying 57.01% of votes cast to MAGA Republican opponent Tiffany Smiley’s 42.8%. Murray’s success serves a strong reminder of what we can accomplish when we all work together and show voters that Democrats are the party that will work to improve the lives of every Washingtonian!  

U.S. House

CD 1: Suzan DelBene is coasting toward another term with a decisive 63.6% majority!

CD 2: Rick Larsen is also on track to secure a clean victory with 61.5% of the vote

*CD 3*: Marie Gluesenkamp Perez has taken a solid lead with 52.6% of the vote compared to White Nationalist opponent Joe Kent’s 46.8%. This race is looking like a very solid pickup opportunity and we are watching closely. 

CD 4: Democrat Doug White is behind with just under 31% of total votes. 

CD 5: Our candidate Natasha Hill looks unlikely to catch up, carrying just under 41% of voters. 

CD 6: Derek Kilmer has a commanding lead with a 61.8% majority.

CD 7: Pramila Jayapal has a a more than fivefold advantage over her Republican opponent, with 84.3% and 15.3% respectively

*CD 8*: Incumbent Kim Schrier is on the path to victory with 52.7% of the vote compared to Matt Larkin’s 46.9%. We are feeling good about holding this seat but will continue monitoring closely in the coming days! 

CD 9: Adam Smith had a very strong showing – bringing in 71% of the vote compared to his Republican opponent’s 28.8%.

CD 10: Marilyn Strickland is looking strong with just under 57% of the vote!

Washington – State Executive

We feel confident we’ve elected our first Democratic Secretary of State in nearly 60 years! As of tonight’s last ballot drop Hobbs sits at almost exactly 50% of the vote compared to nonpartisan opponent Julie Anderson’s 46.9%. Write-in candidate and GOP misinformation monger Brad Klippert secured the remaining 3.1% of the vote. 

While we are still watching closely, we feel great about this race and are proud to be on track to elect a Secretary of State that will fight to expand the franchise and lift up the voice of every eligible Washington voter. 

Washington – State Legislature

First of all, we wanted to share a link to the WA Secretary of State’s website (go Hobbs!) where you can see the results of each individual legislative race:


But the good news is that we have retained all of our Democratic incumbents in the state House and Senate. We look to be welcoming a new Democratic State Senator in the 42nd district with Sharon Shewmake. 

Not to mention we have five house races that could be pickups that are currently too close to call. 

We’ll send more information about all of these races later in the week after we can factor in additional ballot drops. 

We have a lot to celebrate tonight, but the fight isn’t over. Some races are still extremely close and more ballots will be counted over the course of this week. There are still ballots that will need to be cured because of signature mismatches or failing to sign to the ballot or another discrepancy. 

Our voter protection efforts focused on ballot curing started in late October. It is very specific, time-consuming, and nuanced work. While we have a lot more to do, we are managing it with this top-notch team so it will be efficient and flawless. If we have anything to ask of you, it is to amplify the message that this work will take some time, and we are on it!

In closing, I want to thank you for all you have done to help us build a more powerful and effective State Party over the last six years.

Thanks to your investment, we are now an even more powerful force for progressive change across Washington State and we will continue to lead the way nationwide. Take this as a promise that we are not going anywhere, and we are so grateful to have you stand by us.

Please be aware that we will be sending an update later this week and a more thorough, comprehensive analysis later in the month when all results are certified and we can build a more holistic picture of where races ended up and notable trends that will influence our organizing strategy going forward.

For now, I hope you will join me in holding on tight, waiting for final results and sending every single ounce of positive energy and hope you have toward more Democratic victories. Thank you again for standing with us – we have a lot to celebrate already, but we can’t let up now!

With so much gratitude,