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Did you argue with your family over politics this holiday season? We sure as hell did. Many families won’t talk about politics at gatherings anymore– it’s gotten too hard. 

Women’s March is formally launching an initiative called WTF is Even Happening? As you may have picked up from the name, this campaign is set to help us understand what the actual fuck is going on around our kitchen tables, in our communities, and across the country. WTF is Even Happening is an intervention to help us make heads or tails of the current political moments as they unfold, and give us the tools to help move those we care about from where they are to where we all need to be. 

We know we need to meet folks where they are, but we must not leave them there. Click here to get early access to WTF is Even Happening content!

We won’t ever win by disengaging from people that we don’t agree with. Over the next months and years, we need to deepen our commitment to organizing and educating if we are going to grow to the scale necessary to win for our communities in 2024 and defend those wins in the future. 

WTF is Even Happening will 

  • Organize the feminist movement to align vision, strategy, and messaging
  • Build in-person and digital spaces for feminists (both experienced and new activists) to convene, build community, and build power
  • Welcome, onboard, and catapult new activists into the feminist movement
  • Sharpen and clarify our priorities, people, and plans
  • Build a feminist movement that is sharp and sustainable

Are you trying to learn more? You have friends that would be interested in WTF is Even Happening? Family you want to volunteer as tribute? Sign up here for insider updates and early access to WTF is Even Happening programming. 

In service & gratitude, 

Team Women’s March

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