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Over the past few weeks, we have seen the destructive outcomes of abortion bans on the lives of real people all across the country. 

We have won every ballot initiative on abortion in 2022 & 2023. There are at least nine ballot initiatives for 2024…and we have to win them all. 

We have been winning, and WE ARE NOT DONE YET. 

On the weekend of January 19-21 – the anniversary of Roe, we mobilize again. Save the date!

According to history, polls, & pundits, Dems should have lost the 2022 midterms. Instead, women turned out and stopped the red wave in its tracks. 

We are building & strengthening the base with every mobilization, and our priority states are those that have abortion-related ballot initiatives.    

In 2024, we have to hit the ground as hard as possible. We need everybody on every strategy to be laser focused for the #MaximumEffort that 2024 will require. We can’t afford to stop now! 

On January 22, 1973, the Roe v. Wade ruling decriminalized abortion.

On June 24, 2022, a compromised Supreme Court gutted Roe

On January 20, 2024, we take the streets! Reproductive freedom is bigger than Roe. Our lives are bigger than Roe, and the fight is bigger than abortion. This year, democracy itself is on the line.

Get in where you fit in on this #BiggerThanRoe weekend of action. March, rally, host a house party or canvass your neighborhood. Be there. Take action with us in your city or state.

Pledge to march with us on January 20th.

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