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Summer is in the air, and we are 198 days from the presidential elections. We’re checking in. 

Tell us how you’re holding up, the issues you’ve acted on this year, the ones you plan to tap into, and the tools and resources you need.

So far this year, Women’s Marchers have:

✅January: Tens of thousands of us marched in 35 states and Washington, DC, on the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade — to secure abortion access, counter far-right extremism, and start galvanizing voters toward the November elections.

✅February: 5,000 of us became Digital Defenders and learned critical skills in having difficult conversations about Trump, MAGA, and Fascism. 

✅March: On Super Tuesday, thousands of us participated in mass, online disturbed actions, strategizing to defeat defendant Trump and stop his threat to democracy in its tracks.

March: Hundreds of us put our bodies on the line in DC, and 13 of us got arrested in defense of Mifepristone. 

In the weeks and months to come, Women’s Marchers will:

April 22-23: Hundreds will engage in decentralized actions to spread the word all across the country: women are watching the compromised Supreme Court and the politicians that back them & feminists will always trump fascists.  

April 24: Dozens of Jezebels will gather in Washington, DC, to take action at SCOTUS while they decide the fate of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act.

April 25: Hundreds of us will assemble Washington, DC to sound the alarm that #JusticeCantWait as SCOTUS decides if Defendant Trump will be held accountable for his failed insurrection.

May: Thousands will join the Digital Defense Night School: a virtual gathering to learn the skills necessary to counter election disinformation, misinformation, and deep fakes and to correct false narratives as we approach the elections.

June: Thousands of us will be back out in the streets as the compromised Supreme Court announces the fate of Mifepristone, EMTALA, and Defendant Trump – all around the anniversary of their gutting of Roe v Wade. 

July: Hundreds of us will get to know our neighbors better as we launch “Knock Your Block” Parties across the country. 

And these are only some of the actions in the pipeline. There are many more fights to come – in the streets, at the voting booth, and at state capitols all over the country. We need to stay sharp so that feminism trumps fascism in 2024. 

Women’s March is conducting a nationwide survey to see how our movement is holding up and what levels of action our base is willing to take now that the 2024 election season is in full swing. The survey only takes a minute to fill out. And it’s important for us to get 100% participation — so please click the link below to finish your survey.

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Women’s March

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