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Whole Washington Rally

When: Saturday, September 26, at 1 PM

Where: John Dam Plaza

Hosted by Tri-City Democrats

Hello Benton and Franklin County Whole Washington supporters!

Whole Washington is gearing up for a 2021 ballot initiative to establish universal healthcare in Washington state! We want to raise awareness and let EVERYONE know about Whole Washington. You can help the effort by joining a sign event rally on September 26 at 1 PM at John Dam Plaza. Meet in the parking lot behind the HAPO stage on Knight St.

Our goal is to raise awareness about Whole Washington and universal healthcare by holding signs, handing out literature to educate the public, signing up supporters and volunteers, and start having existing volunteers and supporters meet each other. There will be some signs there, but please feel free to make your own. Please RSVP and show up with your mask.

If you want to help collect signatures during our 2021 ballot initiative campaign, please sign-up below. Our goal is to reach at least 1000 volunteers statewide. Having 1000 volunteers will reduce the number of signatures required per volunteer to a doable 325 signature each.

Also, if you support what Whole Washington is doing, please consider donating $10 a month by becoming a recurring donor. Recurring donations lets us strategize for the future. This is a grassroots campaign funded by the people. We donโ€™t plan on winning by out-raising health insurance lobbyists and their allies. We plan on winning by the creativity, passion, and work ethic of our volunteers and supporters. A modest funding base will tremendously help support our volunteer efforts. Our goal is to have at least 1000 people donate $10 a month. You can donate and become a recurring donor at the link:

With a virus killing and harming so many and climate change causing short term and life-long term health issues, universal healthcare is needed more than ever. Hope you can make it to our event. Stay safe and hope all is well.

In Solidarity
Sean Cavanagh – Whole Washington Campaign Director