First and foremost: Shana Tova to all of our Jewish Indivisibles celebrating!

On this Wednesday at 1pm ET/10am PT, there is another January 6th Committee hearing as they continue to meticulously track and document the attempted coup on the White House. These hearings have been instrumental in laying out the case for how the attempted coup occurred, who was involved, how they were involved, and why. (Bonus: Ginni Thomas, wife of extremist Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has agreed to speak to the committee, though we don’t yet know when this will happen.) 

As a reminder, FiveThirtyEight published this interactive webpage detailing how 60% of Americans will have an election denier on their ballot this year. That means the majority of voters in our country will choose whether to vote for the truth or an attempted coup concealed by a fictitious attempt to claim voter fraud. 

The choice is clear. 

Lies can not be the basis of our democracy. Our elected leaders must agree on some fundamental understanding of free and fair elections. When extremists, determined to force their defeated candidate into the presidency, gain control of local and federal political office, the will of the people is no longer the foundation of our government — we are no longer a democracy. 

There are ten key races we’ve identified in our Give No Ground campaign that are vital to protecting that democracy. What are you going to do to ensure we win?

With that, here are your weekly to-dos:

 Your 5 weekly to-dos 

  1. Click here to register for our joint phonebank for Mandela Barnes, Matt Cartwright, and John Fetterman on Sunday October 2 at 2pm ET/11am PT. Mandela Barnes’ opponent, Ron Johnson, actively worked to support the January 6th plot to overturn the election. Though he has since tried to distance himself, the text messages uncovered by the House committee clearly show Johnson attempting to aid the coup. All three of these candidates are battling MAGA extremism in critical races. Hop on the phones this weekend and protect our country from MAGA mayhem.
  2. Click here to register to Give No Ground. Click “volunteer” in the top right corner. If you are a part of an Indivisible group, register as a group, if not you can register as an individual. This is where we will do the work for the next 42 days to hold the House and achieve a real majority in the Senate. To win, we must get the message out. Give No Ground is our home for opportunities to phonebank, textbank, canvass, postcard, and more so that when November comes around, we can say that we gave it our all for democracy. MAGA Republicans are mobilizing, but there are more of us than there are of them. Let’s make sure we show it!
  3. Click here to sign up for the Indivisible Truth Brigade. Propaganda, false characterizations, intentionally misleading messages, and outright lies threaten our democracy and even our lives. We can effectively combat disinformation, despite the well-funded machines that drive it. People believe sources they trust! Lies are on the ballot this November and when lies are on the ballot, we have both a moral and an existential responsibility to stop them from winning. Sign up to learn how to fight disinformation in a way that drives change and protects our communities from the threat of extremism. 
  4. Click here to call your senator and demand they pass the Markey Court Expansion Bill. Even as Democrats work to expand our rights, the threat of them being overturned by the Supreme Court looms large. We must expand the court after Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell conspired to pack it for generations to come. The only way to re-legitimize the court is to expand it. Contact your senator and, when you’re done, click here to contact your representative and tell them to pass Rep. Mondaire Jones’ House version of the bill.
  5. Do you live in a rural area? Click here to join our National Rural Program. We have special election resources and calls specifically for our rural Indivisibles where you can learn more about strategies and issues specific to Indivisibles living in rural areas. If you want an idea of what that looks like, click here to check out our agenda and notes from previous meetings.

The work of defending democracy continues with your help. In order to keep Give No Ground running and to fund all of the work we do here at Indivisible, click here to donate today.

 National Events 

Click here to register for our Fight Election Disinformation — Truth Brigade Action Virtual Call: Featuring Dan Pfeiffer this Wednesday, September 14 at 6:30 ET/3:30 PT. Disinformation poisons minds and prevents our society from moving forward to protect the people and the planet. Lies are spread to obtain unearned power — it’s as simple as that. Lies around voting and elections provide the path to that unearned power. Join us September 14 to learn which states, people, and campaigns are most vulnerable, and how we can and must disrupt voting-related disinformation. Leave this event inspired, clear-headed and focused on taking meaningful action. We’ll be joined by Dan Pfeiffer, co-host of Pod Save America and author of Battling the Big Lie: How Fox, Facebook and the MAGA Media are Destroying America.

Click here to register for a Letter to the Editor (LTE) training and workshop with the Indivisible Press Team on this Thursday, September 15 at 8pm ET/5pm PT. This training will help you identify how to effectively write LTE’s and then target compatible publications for placement. You’ll then have the opportunity to workshop you’re writing and submit and LTE on issues issues like abortion and MAGA mayhem in community with fellow Indivisible activists and staff. 

Click here to sign up for the January 6th Justice Activist Call on Thursday, September 15 at 4:30pm ET/1:30pm PT. The bipartisan January 6th Select Committee has shown that Trump and his MAGA allies planned, promoted, and paid for a criminal conspiracy to overturn an election they knew they’d lost. Trump and his MAGA allies continue to work to sabotage future elections by changing state laws, threatening state officials, and packing election administration offices so that they can have the final say over election results — even when they lose. We must hold them accountable! No one is above the law. Join us and our partners to learn how to take action to defend our democracy. Bonus: Our very own Ezra Levin will be a guest speaker on this call. 

Click here to register for the Deep Canvassing Phonebank to Conflicted Pro-Choice Voters (Central/East) on Tuesday, September 20 from 5pm-8pm ET/2pm-5pm PT. Come see what all the hype is about in Deep Canvassing — the voter contact program Indivisibles are calling “magic,” where past volunteers have said, “I transform into the type of person I want to be!” From Kansas to New York, we know that voters are moving toward us on abortion and MAGA extremism. But there are still folks out there with conflicting beliefs, and through deep canvassing, we can move them to our side! We’ll call voters who are likely pro-choice but don’t always vote for Democrats, have open conversations about their stake in abortion access, and move them to act on their beliefs by voting for progressive candidates. We’ve been moving around 10% of voters we talk to, a massive electorate shift especially in close races! Please note this is a 3hr event: you’ll receive a 1hr training on deep canvassing fundamentals, followed by a 2hr phonebank + debrief for the Give No Ground candidate of your choice in Illinois, Georgia, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin.

Click here to RSVP for our next Give No Ground MAGA Mayhem Election National Activist Call on Thursday, September 22 at 8pm ET/5pm PT. As the political landscape continues to shift in the leadup to the midterm elections, get an inside look at what Indivisibles are doing this cycle to make sure we Give No Ground this November. This call, we will have special guest Sophia McClennen speaking to us on why laughtivism works and effective tactics we can use to break through the MAGA mayhem.

 IndivisiWin of the Week 

A group of Indivisibles filed complaint against their representative Scott Perry with the House Committee on Ethics over his efforts to overturn the 2020 Presidential Election.

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Republican extremism is on the ballot this November. What are you going to do to stop it? Make a commitment today to ensure the safety of the American people and our democracy long into the future.

In solidarity, 
Indivisible Team

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