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Replacement plan, Patient Freedom Act (source LA Times article)


  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • Ban on lifetime and annual limits for benefits
  • Coverage of certain preventive services without co-pays
  • Coverage of mental health services
  • Guarantees black-lung benefits for coal miners
  • The federal exchange, healthcare.gov, will continue to operate.
  • Dependents still will be permitted to stay on their parents’ employer-sponsored plans until age 26.
  • Kills the employer mandate and individual mandate
  • Substitutes a “continuous coverage” system for the individual mandate
  • Becomes a state-level system
  • Progressive states will be like Romneycare
  • Regressive states will have junk insurance and claim coverage
  • Poor are covered under expanded Medicaid. Federal pays 90% of cost
  • Keeps ACA taxes like medical devices, Cadillac plan, high-income surcharge
  • Keep individual subsidies
  • Makes the law more complicated by an order of magnitude
  • No tort reform
  • No selling insurance across state lines
  • Health care savings components benefit the wealthy


  • Is there enough funding to the states to make it work?
  • What essential benefits will be dropped?
  • Continuous coverage requirement would throw some people out of insurance
  • Subsidies less tied to income. Rich people benefit. Poor people lose.
  • Residents of some states will lose catastrophically