07. May 2022 · Comments Off on Our Chair on the Dobbs Decision · Categories: Announcements

The likelihood of the overturning of Roe v Wade with this group of “justices” has always been expected. While it is a bit surprising that the draft decision was “leaked” prior to the decision being made public, the fact remains that this group of “justices” has been placed on the Court for this moment. The guile needed over time to seat these judges is multi-faceted. The nomination process is supposed to allow the Senate to “advise and consent” with a full understanding of the nominees’ character and legal philosophy. It would seem, however, that three or four of these “justices” lied during their confirmation hearings in such a way that senators did not have a full picture of their intent regarding Roe, one of the most controversial (in their minds) SCOTUS decisions in history.

We are fortunate to live in Washington State where the PEOPLE VOTED- TWICE- to assure women the right to choose regarding when and if they should carry a pregnancy to term. However, we would be fools to rest on our laurels. Democracy is work. The lesson to take from the January 6th attack on the US Capitol is that democracy is fragile and vulnerable to determined, organized terrorists from within and without.

We must back our federal and state Democratic candidates in the upcoming mid-term elections. We must ALL get out and do our part to elect Doug White for the 4th CD and re-elect Patty Murray for the Senate as well as those who will step forward during the candidate filing period May 16-20. (Don’t forget to file for your PCO slot!) We can take nothing for granted. Door knocking and canvasing. Letter writing. Going door-to-door in our own and our neighboring precincts.

I will be asking you all to get out and help. I will be coordinating the door knocking for the White campaign. The more, the merrier. Individual yard signs will be available soon through the White website and Act Blue. 3 x 5 and 4 x 8 signs will be coming a little later so we will need help with those. Phone banking is under way and can be done at home. Call me (509-375-3531) if you need door knock lists or literature to drop.

Democratically yours,

Richard Reuther

Chair, Benton County Dems