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The Blue Wave begins here!

This past week, more than 650 NDTC-trained candidates were on the ballot. From fighting for school boards to state legislatures, Democrats up and down ballots made their marks nationwide.
And we’re proud of every person who boldly ran for office!

While these election results continue rolling in, you might already be thinking about what the 2024 cycle will bring.

So we have two more opportunities to join us for introductory trainings that will walk you through all the considerations needed to run for office.

Join us on Thursday, November 16 at 6pm ET for So You Want to Run for Office, the comprehensive training on getting your name on the ballot, researching the many elected offices in your community, and building a plan to share the news with family and friends.

Can’t make it next week? Don’t worry!

We have one more opportunity before the end of 2023 to join us for So You Want to Run for Office on Monday, December 4 at 1pm ET.

It’s never too early to jump in and get prepared. Let’s get the blue wave rolling in 2024!

So You Want to Run for Office: Indigenous American Heritage Month
Monday, November 13 at 1pm ET

Congress has six Native and Indigenous Congresspeople currently serving. While this is historic, it is only the beginning.

We’re hosting a special edition of our So You Want to Run for Office training in celebration of Indigenous American Heritage Month. Our trainer will discuss the many unique needs and challenges Indigenous candidates may face on the campaign trail.

Running an Effective Debrief for Your Local Democratic Party
Tuesday, November 14 at 1pm ET

If you were involved in this cycle with your local party, then this debrief event is for you!

Learn the best strategies of facilitating a debrief to get the most out of this essential post-Election Day process. Review challenges, success, deltas, plusses, and everything in between by debriefing with best practices.

What is a Democratic Precinct Chair
Wednesday, November 15 at 1pm ET

Becoming a Democratic precinct chair (also known as a precinct captain) is an excellent way to get politically involved with your community and with your local Democratic Party infrastructure. This training will walk you through precinct chair responsibilities, how to engage in non-electoral organizing in your precinct, and tactics for connecting with community members beyond Election Day.

Because building relationships with voters is such a huge part of a precinct captain’s job, this position is ideal for those with an interest in field organizing. See how you can get involved for the 2024 cycle!

Maximize Your Field Strategy Through Precinct Prioritization
Tuesday, December 5 at 1pm ET

The mark of an exceptional field plan is one that doesn’t cast too wide a net.

With limited time, resources, and people power, your campaign or local party needs to maximize the assets you do have.

Precinct prioritization is the best way to use your energy wisely. This training will go through the essential data pieces you need to get it done on the trail. It’s never to early to prep your field game!

And it doesn’t stop there! You can always visit the Online Academy’s Course Catalog, set up a free account, and keep track of your progress while taking advantage of our extensive course offerings.