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Pride Event Spotlight
See Yourself Running: Realities of Running as an LGBTQIA+ Candidate

Our partners at Run for Something are hosting the next edition of their See Yourself Running webinars. On June 27 at 8pm ET, join Run for Something and LGBTQ+ Victory Fund as they go over guidance and resources to get started running as a LGBTQIA+ candidate. Plus, hear from RFS alums Rep. Taylor Small (VT), Senator Emily Randall (WA), and Derry School Board Member Cairnie Pokorney (NH). Use the button to register and learn more!

NDTC’s Virginia Primary Winners

Join us in congratulating our 23 winners from this past week’s primaries in Virginia. Out of 32 total NDTC-trained candidates, these 23 will move onto the general in November. And out of these 23 folks, 19 are running for state legislature. Once again, congrats to these amazing folks!

[Special Partner Event] Build with ActBlue: What You Need to Know to Fundraise Online
Thursday, June 22 at 12:30pm ET

Digital fundraising is the most cutting-edge way to fundraise for your campaign, local party, or organization. ActBlue, the preeminent fundraising platform in Democratic Politics, is hosting multiple summer refreshers that will help you perfect your ask, build your list, and harness the power of small dollar donors.

Building Your Fundraising List will be offered next Thursday. Don’t miss out on learning from the experts themselves!

While we’re taking a training break the next two weeks, preview our slate of July trainings focused on building  stellar  volunteer teams for your campaigns or local parties.

How to Recruit & Train Volunteers
Tuesday, July 11 at 1pm ET

Volunteers are the backbone of any campaign, and recruiting new ones can feel like a daunting task.

Let our expert trainer show you the ins and outs of facilitating new volunteers into campaign work. You’ll go over recruitment strategies, sources for contacting volunteers, and how to center equity principles in your recruiting.

Building Equity-Centered Volunteer Teams
Monday, July 17 at 1pm ET

Of course you should focus on training your volunteers in the skills they’ll need out in the field. But don’t ignore these equally essential parts of volunteer management: diversity, equity, and inclusion.

This training will review some of the biases in recruitment, how to implement inclusive strategies, and questions to consider at all stages of volunteer management. Even if you’re a campaign veteran, reviewing these important considerations can be a great way to refocus ahead of GOTV and other big campaign stages.

This week in the Online Academy, consider brushing up on your volunteer recruitment skills. This is also a great way to prime yourself on key terms and skills ahead of next month’s volunteer-centric live training events!

Get started with Intro to Volunteer Recruitment and Management for a broad based lesson on all things volunteers.

Then, Equitable and Inclusive Campaign Practices is your starting point for learning about inclusion in a campaign setting. Whether you’re a volunteer or the candidate, centering equity can make a real difference among your team.

Finally, Maximizing Your Volunteer Capacity looks at various ways you can ensure your volunteers are utilized and engaged. Just as your volunteers bring diverse experiences and backgrounds, you can ensure their unique skills are put into different practices.

And it doesn’t stop there! You can always visit the Online Academy’s Course Catalog, set up a free account, and keep track of your progress while taking advantage of our extensive course offerings.