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We just hit an amazing milestone of 100,000 people who have attended a live training or taken a course in our Online Academy🎉

If you’re receiving this email, we know you’ve been a part of this achievement. Whether you refreshed your skills in an online course or attended a panel during Build Blue Week, we’re thrilled to have you achieve this goal alongside us.

From the entire staff at NDTC, thank you for being a part of our community – and thank you for your efforts to build blue in communities across the United States.

[SPECIAL EVENT] NDTC Expert Q&A: Messaging Around Reproductive Rights & Abortion
Thursday, July 20 at 1pm ET

It’s important that progressives stand up for reproductive rights in the wake of the Dobbs decision and right-wing attacks on these rights.

In fact, this topic is so important that we’re hosting a special NDTC Expert Q&A focused specifically on messaging around abortion. Whether you’re a candidate or working on an issue campaign, being familiar with common questions and misconceptions about abortion can only strengthen your conversations.

Building Equity-Centered Volunteer Teams
Monday, July 17 at 1pm ET

Centering equity isn’t just a value; it’s a series of actions that show how diversity makes all campaigns better.

This training will go over how to bring an equity mindset into team and volunteer settings. From the hiring process to building an inclusive team culture, you’ll walk away with actionable ways to better retain and accommodate diverse talent.

How to Make Hard Asks for Volunteers
Wednesday, July 19 at 1pm ET

Volunteering is inherently a sacrifice. Whether that’s a sacrifice of time, effort, or talent, your campaign is always asking that your volunteers give up something to help your cause or candidacy.

That’s all the more reason crafting a genuine, well thought out hard ask is essential. In this training, you will walk through ways to make hard asks of volunteers in order to better staff your campaign’s efforts including phone banks and canvassing.

What is a Democratic Precinct Chair
Monday, July 24 at 1pm ET

It’s back – one of our most requested trainings! A precinct chair is the linchpin of your campaign’s field strategy. And your local Democratic Party will play a huge role in how you strategize around various precincts in your community.

This 1.5 hour training will go over key ways to engage your local party, organizing in non-electoral cycles, and provide a general, comprehensive overview of ways to work with your local party to find the most success. Whether you’re just interested in local politics or running yourself, we recommend every Democrat go through this training!

And it doesn’t stop there! You can always visit the Online Academy’s Course Catalog, set up a free account, and keep track of your progress while taking advantage of our extensive course offerings.