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These upcoming trainings are about making a plan and recruitment.

Whether you’re involved with your local party or are thinking of running yourself, next week’s trainings will cover the ins and outs of setting up your own wins in 2023…without (pass) interferences!

Setting Up Your Local Democratic Party’s Structure
Monday, January 23 at 1pm ET

New year, new structure!

Learn the ins and outs of an effective organizational structure to suit the needs of your local party.

This training will go over how to organize committees, decide on leadership, plus ways to delegate various responsibilities. Don’t miss it!

Non-Electoral Organizing for Your Local Democratic Party
Tuesday, January 24 at 1pm ET

Election Day is exciting no doubt, but local parties can truly shine even when there’s not a huge upcoming election.

Learn how to work together within your local Democratic infrastructure to execute plans and support campaigns. Our trainer will walk you through developing local campaigns, and of course, seeing them to fruition.

Identifying Strong Candidates to Run for Office
Thursday, January 26 at 1pm ET

Just as much as we need stellar candidates to run, we need amazing people who can find and recruit those folks!

Local party leaders, don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear and use the best practices in identifying candidates who could run in your community.

Recruiting Candidates for Political Office
Friday, January 27 at 1pm ET

We all know people we’re confident would make great elected leaders.

But how can we take the leap towards persuading them to actually run?

Friday’s training will cover proven strategies in recruiting folks to commit to running, from explaining the positives of running for office to identifying means of support for those individuals. Don’t miss out!

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