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Even though January’s not over yet, making a campaign plan early on will save you both ⏰ and 💸

This week’s featured learning plan is Setting Up Your Campaign Strategy, a suite of five courses that will walk you through the fundamentals of planning. From voter targeting to basics of field, you will be ready to launch by the end.

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Setting Up Your Local Democratic Party's Structure
Friday, January 19 at 1pm ET

From working groups to creating a leadership structure, today’s training will show you a range of strategies for creating the best structure for your local party.

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of various types of structures. Help your local party operate efficiently, logically, and victoriously!

Recruiting Strong Candidates to Run for Office
Monday, January 22 at 1pm ET

f you’re part of a local party or progressive organization, you want the people in your district to represent your values authentically.

Monday’s training goes over the pillars of effective candidate recruitment. Learn about what makes someone a stellar candidate and tactics in convincing them to run.

What is a Democratic Precinct Chair?
Wednesday, January 24 at 1pm ET

Gain valuable insights into the pivotal role your local precinct chairs plays in driving turnout in your community. In an election year, no Democrat can afford to neglect voter turnout in their campaign plans!

Grassroots campaign initiatives and turnout are supported by precinct chairs. Learn how to engage yours, and other strategies for precinct organizing.

Looking Ahead >> So You Want to Run for Office: Black History Month Edition with Higher Heights and The Collective PAC
Monday, February 5 at 1pm ET

Black History Month celebrates the monumental strides of Black Americans.

And that celebration of progress can be the driving force of change.

Join experienced veteran trainer Atima Omara as she introduces prospective candidates to the process of running for office, plus unique conisderations for Black candidates hoping to launch their candidacy in 2024.

Looking Ahead >> 3 Steps to Establishing Your Campaign
Tuesday, February 6 at 1pm ET

We’re giving you a sneak peek into what’s coming this February at NDTC, where we’re focusing on Building Your Political Start. This simply means Februrary’s lineup is concerned with the data-driven strategies campaigns need to get started.

In order to fully establish your campaign, you need to get on the ballot, evaluate what data you need, and understand ballot access requirements. This training is really about the “nuts and bolts” that turn your campaign from an idea into a tangible effort.

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