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Hey there – When was the last time you completed a NDTC course?

Our Online Academy includes hundreds of in-depth lessons and resources on the very campaign topics our live trainings cover.

And the best part? You can take these courses at your own pace, in your own time. You can save your progress and check out related lessons, ensuring you’re always moving forward in your political skill development.

So today check out our Online Academy and take advantage of our comprehensive course catalog:

Preparing for Successful Interviews & Political Job Offers
Thursday, February 23 at 1pm ET
Don’t get “stage fright” before the big interview 😱🎭 – join Thursday’s training instead!

Walk through interview strategies, including the best ways to talk up your experiences, as well as key questions to ask a potential employer or campaign. Plus, learn the best strategies for negotiating your worth when you receive that offer!

Moving Up in Democratic Politics
Friday, February 24 at 1pm ET

Having a career in Democratic politics means you might see lots of change, whether it’s between cycles or switching jobs.

That’s why it’s essential to have long-term and short-term plans that can map out options for you to achieve your career goals.

Friday’s training will review best practices for career planning plus some tangible action steps you can take to make new connections.

So You Want to Run for Office
Monday, February 27 at 6pm ET

If you’re still on the fence about running, sign up for this training!

This introduction to running for office will cover the basics of making the decision to run, and review the types of offices you may want to run for. By the end, you’ll be ready to take those next steps.

Hiring for Political Campaigns
Tuesday, February 28 at 1pm ET

If you’re managing or working on a campaign, you understand that you can’t possibly be an expert in every area of campaigning. That’s why it’s essential to identify the needs of your campaign or organization, and hire strategically from there.

This early phase of the campaign cycle is an ideal time to think about hiring. Tuesday’s training will go into more depth about the various roles to hire, plus other considerations.

[COMING UP IN MARCH] So You Want to Run for Office: Women’s History Month Event
Thursday, March 2 at 1pm ET

While women have made historic strides in politics, they are still in the minority when it comes to all levels of elected office.

March’s special So You Want to Run for Office training will focus on candidates who are women, and the unique challenges and resources that women might consider before jumping into it.

We invite folks who identify or partially identify as women to attend this training as a part of our Women’s History Month programming!

See you in March!

—The NDTC Team

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