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Black History Month Partner Spotlight:
Color of Change

All month long, we’re sharing the work of some of our amazing partner organizations whose work focuses on elevating Black voices in politics.

Color Of Change is a racial justice organization that works to assist people in effectively responding to injustices in the world through viral campaigns. With 7 million members, this organization looks to inspire and move decision-makers in corporations and government in efforts to create a more equitable America for all of its Black citizens.

Preparing for Successful Interviews & Political Job Offers
Thursday, February 23 at 1pm ET
As February wraps up, don’t miss the last of our live trainings focused on elevating your career. Whether you’ve been in the political sphere or are looking to change careers, interviews are essential to landing that next big role.

Next Thursday’s training will cover various aspects of successful interviewing. Our trainer will give you tangible tips to help you nail one of the most important aspects of the application process. Plus, get the inside scoop on negotiating a job offer so that you get the money and benefits you deserve!

Moving Up in Democratic Politics
Friday, February 24 at 1pm ET
Because of campaign cycles, there’s quite a bit of ebb and flow in politics, much more than other industries.

So having a plan is essential in thinking about your career trajectory. Next Friday’s training will walk you through exercises to consider various career pathways, plus how to build relationships that will support you in this journey. Unlock the potential of strategies like informational interviews and take the first step in moving up in your career today!

Launching Your Political Career Through Networking
Tuesday, February 14 at 1pm ET
Networking is an essential aspect of the job search- even in politics. Your personal network is not only a great way to land jobs, but also to work on professional development opportunities and skill refinement.

Using both virtual and in-person outlets, this training will explore various ways you can personally extend your network and meet new people in your field, community, or general interest.

So You Want to Run for Office

Monday, February 27 at 6pm ET
The best window to get involved as a candidate is right now. This training goes over the basic starting steps and considerations for running for office yourself!

Get your initial questions answered, plus review ways to share this news with your own personal network.

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