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Black History Month Partner Spotlight: Higher Heights for America PAC Month

All month long, we’re sharing the work of some of our amazing partner organizations whose work focuses on elevating Black voices in politics.

Higher Heights PAC is committed to the election of progressive Black women on federal and statewide levels. Members have secured the largest number of Black women to simultaneously serve in Congress, sent the first Black women to the U.S. Senate in two decades, elected more Black women majors in the United State’s 100 most populated cities, and selected the first Black woman to win a major party nomination for a governor’s office! Learn more about their work, and how you can get involved, at the link below.

Learn more: Higher Heights PAC

Optimizing Your Resume for Campaign Jobs
Monday, February 13 at 1pm ET
Your resume sets the very first impression for any job you apply for.

Set yourself up for success with the best, tried-and-true tactics from campaign veterans! Monday’s training will cover everything you need to know to create a stellar resume for campaign work – so don’t miss out!

Launching Your Political Career Through Networking
Tuesday, February 14 at 1pm ET
Networking is an essential aspect of the job search- even in politics. Your personal network is not only a great way to land jobs, but also to work on professional development opportunities and skill refinement.

Using both virtual and in-person outlets, this training will explore various ways you can personally extend your network and meet new people in your field, community, or general interest.

[BLACK HISTORY MONTH EDITION] NDTC Expert Q&A: Empowering Your Job Search
Thursday, February 16 at 1pm ET
This month’s NDTC Expert Q&A is a part of our Black History Month lineup. In Empowering Your Job Search, three Black Democratic strategists with experience in hiring and campaign staff development will share their own advice and insight.

It’s a known, but unfortunate fact, that job seekers from marginalized communities often underestimate their abilities when applying for jobs or negotiating salaries.

And we want to empower you to combat those biases.

That’s where this NDTC Expert Q&A comes in. Combining our panelists’ expertise in career development and their own lived experiences, they’ll discuss problems and solutions for combating workplace stereotypes, imposter syndrome, and more.

Join three expert panelists moderated by NDTC Associate Director of Staff Academy Jemila Mitchell as they discuss challenges, opportunities, and strategies you can use when pursuing that next big role.

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