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Build Blue Week is just one week away! And with that, welcome to the fourth and final edition of Build Blue Digest. This is your weekly, central source for all things Build Blue Week.

Don’t miss your chance to register for our upcoming Build Blue Week events. Our lineup includes some incredible panelists, including leaders from President Biden’s re-election campaign, fundraising professionals from orgs like ActBlue, and amazing candidates from across the country to share how you, no matter where you live, can help Democrats build long-term power and win in 2024.

Monday, October 2, 1-2pm EST:
Down Ballot Up Ticket: How Democrats Win in 2024
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Tuesday, October 3, 1-2pm EST:
Cultivating Local Donors for Long-Term Change
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Wednesday, October 4, 1-2pm EST:
Coalition Building for Community Change
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Thursday, October 4, 1-2pm EST:
Messages that Connect: Local Issues and National Narratives
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The final day of Build Blue Week digs into messaging tactics and insights in Messages That Connect: Local Issues and National Narratives . A sound communications strategy and story of self are essential pillars in getting your name or organization more recognition and validity in your community. While focusing on local matters is essential, you can strengthen your strategy by building coherence with national progressive priorities.

First, let’s talk about ways to reach voters. Scholars of communication and media have long emphasized the notion that the medium is the message, meaning the way messages are communicated are equally if not more important than the contents of said message. Now more than ever, Americans connect with one another on a daily basis using two or more methods of communication . For campaigns, this means your strategy needs to consider a multimodal approach; only using one method won’t cut it when it comes to reaching voters. From social media platforms to physical literature, there are lots of ways to accomplish this.

On top of developing your own message and story, Democratic campaigns have to combat obscene levels of misinformation, both from social media and conservative campaigns and influencers. It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that the January 6 insurrectionists used Facebook to coordinate much of their attack and other gatherings. Social media is a double edged sword. While it’s true that it might be one of the most organic, effective drivers of voter engagement, it also spreads misinformation like wildfire.

These takeaways are a starting point for the conversations and more happening during Messages That Connect: Local Issues and National Narratives, happening next Thursday, October 5.

And don’t forget about the rest of the week’s awesome lineup below!

In the New Speaker Spotlight section, we’ll highlight new speakers added to events this week!

The first day’s kickoff panel, Down Ballot, Up Ticket: How Democrats Win in 2024, will feature Leslie Martes, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee’s Vice President of Political and Strategic Initiatives! She works to elect Democrats in key states and achieve progress in state legislatures across the country. Prior to joining DLCC, Leslie served as the League of Conservation Voters’ State Electoral Campaign Director, working on strategic political programs with LCV’s network of state leagues to elect climate champion Governors and State Legislators.

Then don’t miss LGBTQ+ Victory Fund’s Eliza Fox in our Down Ballot, Up Ticket: How Democrats Win in 2024 panel. Most recently, Eliza went from field director to campaign manager for VA Delegate Irene Shin, the first Korean American woman elected to the Virginia House. In her current role as the Political Manager at LGBTQ+ Victory Fund, she supports the organization’s mission in electing pro-choice LGBTQ+ candidates across the U.S.

Relevant Resources will be your hub for learning guides to supplement the week’s events! Learning guides include guiding questions, links to other relevant coursework, and more.

This week, check out the learning guide for Messages That Connect: Local Issues and National Narratives, which covers messaging and communications strategies.

Highlights include:

  • NDTC Storytelling Workbook: Make a copy of this Google Docs template to guide you through the basics of effective storytelling to build connections with voters, volunteers, and donors, and more.
  • Messaging Basics Course: This course provides a comprehensive overview on developing a messaging plan and strategy for your campaign or local party. There are several worksheets and resources throughout to help you develop a message that is both persuasive and unique.

Build Blue Week brings together a diverse and representative lineup of elected officials, top campaign experts, and leaders of Democratic organizations to provide tools and insight to further Democratic values in your community. Learn more about the events coming your way October 2nd through 5th.