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Down Ballot, Up Ticket 🗳️

This is how Democrats win and maintain power in 2024.

This isn’t just a catchphrase for the week of special events. It’s a strategy that will drive all Democratic efforts into 2024, whether you’re a volunteer in your local party or heading up your own run for office.

Four days, four amazing sessions, countless experts and leaders weighing in. Before our sessions fill up, get a head start on registering for this year’s annual NDTC Build Blue Week:

Down Ballot Up Ticket: How Democrats Win in 2024
Monday, October 2

Cultivating Local Donors for Long Term Change
Tuesday, October 3

Coalition Building for Community Change
Wednesday, October 4

Messages That Connect: Local Issues and National Narratives
Thursday, October 5

Running in a Red District
Thursday, September 7 at 1pm ET

There are Democrats everywhere – yes everywhere! And that means there are Democrats in otherwise conservative, red districts. But to reach these voters and better represent them, you have to employ unique tactics and understand the nuances of running in a red district.

This training is the best overview for any staff, candidate, or volunteer going into red areas. We’ll review voter targeting, calculating your vote goal, and how to have empathetic, effective conversations with voters.

Live Training Sneak Peek: Field Tactics 101
Friday, September 8 at 1pm ET

All campaigns need a field plan. That is, a set of actions that detail how the campaign will connect with voters and potential voters directly. It can feel overwhelming at first, but this training will help you understand the pros and cons of the many tactics your campaign can employ.

Prepare for GOTV time – or just get ahead of the game. Our expert trainer will go over the five best field tactics: canvassing, phone banking, sending texts, hosting events, and Relational Organizing.

Can’t make this one? Don’t worry! We’re hosting it again on September 18 too.

Later this September — Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!

So You Want to Run for Office – Tuesday, September 19 at 1pm ET

NDTC Expert Q&A: Hispanic Democrats Working Towards Change (Hispanic Heritage Month) – Tuesday, September 26 at 1pm ET

While our training focus is field and GOTV, September also commemorates Hispanic Heritage Month! The United States is home to an amazing blend of Hispanic and Latino cultures, but it’s on Democrats everywhere to ensure these communities are represented through elected office. That’s why we’re excited to host not one, but two special events with a focus on Hispanic and Latino Democrats.

First, a special edition of our So You Want to Run for Office training will show potential or early-stage Hispanic and Latino candidates the basics of deciding to run. Our trainer will review both challenges and considerations of telling your network that you’re running plus the offices you can run for.

Then, September’s Expert Q&A: Hispanic Democrats Working Towards Change is an interactive panel discussion bringing together Hispanic and Latino Democratic leaders. They’ll discuss their own trajectories while sharing key insights from their lived experiences.

Don’t miss these excellent events coming down the pike!

And it doesn’t stop there! You can always visit the Online Academy’s Course Catalog, set up a free account, and keep track of your progress while taking advantage of our extensive course offerings.