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 Action Alerts

Click on the links below to learn more about bills currently being reviewed in the state legislature. You can “take action” on these most pressing bills by sending a suggested, editable email to legislators, encouraging them to vote to promote the League issue in question.

Support Police Accountability

Everyone should be treated equally under the law, but an exception under federal law allows police officers to escape liability even when their misconduct causes serious injury or death. The Access to Fairness Act (HB 1025) will close this loophole. And the Attorney General Investigations and Reform bill (HB 1445) will ensure that law enforcement agencies engaging in systemic violations of the law and constitution will be held accountable. 

Click here to sign in PRO on HB 1025 and HB 1445

Approve SJR 8202 to be Voted on in the Next General Election

Voting Pro on SJR 8202 (Amending the constitution to protect reproductive freedom) gives your representatives, especially those who may be on the fence, information about your position on the issue. It also gives legislators the big picture about the strength of their constituent’s convictions whether pro or con. This is an important question to take directly to the voters. 

Click here to sign in PRO on SJR 8202

Revitalize the Trust Land Transfer Program

The Senate Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks Committee will hold a hearing on the Trust Land Transfer Program (SB 5372) on January 26 at 1:30 PM. If passed, the bill will improve the Trust Land Transfer process making a good government program more transparent, consistent and effective. If passed, the public will know how TLT works, how to get involved and understand the prioritization and funding process. Check this Fact Sheet

Click here to Sign in PRO on SB 5372

This Week in the Legislature

Democracy Lobby Week Is Almost Here! 

Democracy Lobby Week is coming in two weeks, February 6-10. The event is sponsored by the League of Women Voters of WA and Fix Democracy First, and is open to our members and the public. You can register here. The program is virtual, and is an opportunity to meet with your legislators as part of a small group of his or her constituents. It’s a great way to participate in our state government, and to develop relationships with your representatives and senators. Opening session is Monday, Feb. 6, and includes a panel discussion with several state legislators. Tuesday – Thursday evening programs are planned. The detailed schedule is available at our website.

Week Two — The Rush is Still On! 

There are three Action Alerts this week (see above) concerning wildfire mitigation, police accountability, and hospital mergers and acquisitions (not what you might think!)
Committee hearings and executive sessions continue at a blistering pace, and much more is scheduled for this coming week. These are some of the areas where we saw action this week, and expect more next week: Gun control, “wealth tax,” school issues such as expansion of free lunches and funding Special Ed, rent stabilization, “baby bonds” program for disrupting the cycle of poverty, creating a cold case unit for missing and murdered Indigenous women and people, health care providers, supporting reproductive access and protecting providers, improving recycling via the WRAP act. And that’s just the beginning. Many new bills have been filed, and bills that were first introduced last year have been refiled. Plus a two-year budget must be developed and approved by the end of the session.

There are several other ways you can follow the hearings and legislative process:

  • Via TVW (Washington State’s public affairs TV network), and
  • On the Washington State Legislature website.

Check out the weekly updates for each issue (below) for information on how to testify, and how to sign on PRO or CON to proposed legislation.

The 2023 Legislative Issues

LWVWA Legislative Issues From the 2023 Washington State Legislative Session

Click on an issue to learn more about session results on bills the League supported and 
"This Week's Updates" to read the issue chair's report on this past week. When a "⚠️" appears next to an update, it indicates there are actions to take for this week. Click on the "⚠️" to be taken to our Action Alerts page.
Elections Issue overview Read this week's update⚠️
Money in PoliticsIssue overview | Read this week's update⚠️
Education Issue overview | Read this week's update
Redistricting Issue overview | No update this week

Climate Crisis and Energy | Issue overview | Read this week's update⚠️
ForestsIssue overview | Read this week's update⚠️
Growth Management Issue overview |Read this week's update⚠️
Solid Waste Management | Issue overview |Read this week's update⚠️
Transportation Issue overview | Read this week's update
Social and Economic Policy
Housing and Homelessness Issue overview | Read this week's update⚠️
Health Care Issue overview | Read this week's update⚠️
Behavioral Health Issue overview | Read this week's update⚠️
Children's Services Issue overview | Read this week's update⚠️
Child Custody and Support Issue overview | No updates this week
Early Care and Education of Young Children Issue overview | Read this week's update⚠️
Criminal Justice Issue overview | Read this week's update⚠️
Revenue Issue overview | Read this week's update⚠️
Gun SafetyIssue overview | Read this week's update

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