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The new GOP Congress wasn’t even seated before its members demonstrated that they are fundamentally incapable of governing. It took fifteen rounds of voting just to elect a Speaker, and that was only after Kevin McCarthy made huge concessions to the extremist holdouts in his conference. The events of the last week have made it clear: The Republican House is dysfunctional beyond repair and completely beholden to the most extreme, MAGA Republican members of Congress.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be our reality for long. Next year, Republicans will have to face the voters, and between now and then, it’s up to us to continually shine a light on their incompetence and extremism. 

This is especially true for the 18 House Republicans representing areas Joe Biden won in 2020. These are some of the most vulnerable Republicans in Congress, and we have to flip just five of these seats to retake the House:

A few things to know about these Republicans: They have wildly unpopular ideas. They don’t want to talk about their unpopular ideas. They’ll literally run away from voters to avoid questions about their unpopular ideas.

Some members are Big Lie purveyors like Rep. Mike Garcia who voted against certifying the 2020 election. Some of them are openly hostile to LGBTQ rights like Rep. Steel who pulled her daughter out of college because she believed she was “brainwashed” into supporting marriage equality. And then there’s Rep. George Santos (if that’s even his real name), who won his seat by shamelessly lying about his education, career, family, religion, and so much more. 

Whether these Republicans are out-and-out MAGA extremists or just MAGA-lite, they’re all accountable for the chaos and attacks on our rights coming from the Republican House. 

How we beat them: Get them on record, focus on their unpopular ideas and tie them to controversies, use humor and creativity to bring people over to our side, and overall just make the Republican brand absolutely toxic. 

Indivisible groups have been doing this work for the last 6+ years, and many groups are already taking action to highlight the extremism of their Republican representatives. We know we can retake the House with this strategy, but it will only work if Indivisibles have the resources they need to execute it. If you’re ready to make this Republican majority an ugly, one-term blip in congressional history, click here to make a donation and support all of our electoral work.

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Republicans have already shown us that their majority is fragile, incompetent, and extreme. Over the next two years, we’re going to make sure that’s how voters remember them.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

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