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Happy September!

It’s a problem many activists in rural America face. We’re raised not to rock the boat, to sacrifice honesty for politeness (who here has been told “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?”). In these times, though, it feels like we’ll have nothing left in our towns but decorum, unless we do something about it. That’s a balance we all have to strike as rural activists: being “nice” enough to play well with others without sacrificing true kindness — real, transformative change, fighting for mercy and respite in our communities — along the way. This September, we’re talking about upcoming moments where stopping austerity and injustice demands we abandon what is “nice” for what is truly kind.

This month’s call (and updates from the field)

First things first: our ask, as always, is that you join us for our monthly call. We’re coming together on Wednesday, September 27 at 8pm ET/7pm CT to chat about what the looming government shutdown would mean for Rural America (spoiler: as always, it poses unique challenges for us), why this is a moment where we must abandon decorum and cut to the chase in rural areas (another spoiler: budgets are moral documents, and we all know the morals of this House majority). We’re also going to be talking about the recent impeachment circus, and hopefully demystify why it’s happening and why it’s happening right now. No guarantees that we won’t laugh or cry, or both, while we’re doing that, though. We’ll have some good music for you to boot, so register HERE. Tell your friends. 

While you’re at it, we have an incredible opportunity to help in Ohio! If you want to join the fight to restore reproductive rights in the Buckeye State, sign up for our nationwide October 3 phone bank now!

Tales from the field:

In Durango, Colorado, Indivisible Durango joined partners like Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), Southwest Movement for Black Lives, and Four Corners Alliance for Diversity to disrupt a local GOP meeting where a Moms For Liberty chapter leader had been invited to speak. From the Rural Team at Indivisible: amazing work, Indivisible Durango and friends! You can read more about the event here

As our education system is being attacked and dismantled by far-right extremists coast to coast, it can be difficult to figure out how to put your (furious) emotions into words and contest the reactionary advances of hate groups that have risen up at the local level. Well, we think that Barbara Smith from Indivisible Auburn did a pretty great job. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can find it by reading her opinion piece in the Sacramento Bee.

We think that this piece from Black By God: The West Virginian exemplifies a struggle a lot of folks in Appalachia and elsewhere have been experiencing: ensuring that funding from the American Rescue Plan is invested justly in marginalized communities in red states. Consider this your reminder to check on how your state and local governments are appropriating the funds we all fought for. 

Bonus content: Here’s a really cool IRA billboard from Wright County Indivisible in West-Central MN! Thanks for sharing, Wright County Indivisible!

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