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Hey, Rural Indivisibles!

Dear lovely rural activists, 

When’s the last time you were able to negotiate to pay your bills? Yeah, never. We don’t get to negotiate with the people we owe to make last-minute changes to our payments. We take responsibility for our own spending, our budgets, we don’t bully and we don’t threaten our communities to get a quick buck. So what’s MAGA’s MAY-jor malfunction here on the default (Yes, it’s another month pun… shhhhh)? Furthermore, what’s next after an incredible week of action to stop a MAGA Default Crisis? Where are we? And what have rural groups contributed to the conversation? And the question that’s lingering in all of our minds… what happens if we win? What happens if we lose?

The stakes for austerity policies are INCREDIBLY high in our communities, where one closing of a childcare center, clinic, or program could break our communities and leave the most vulnerable in our areas without options. And the answer to how hard rural areas fought is what’s always true of rural activists: as hard as we possibly can. Wednesday, May 31 at 8pm ET and 7pm CT, we are coming together to close out May with a look at what’s next, as well as what we’ve been able to accomplish so far. We’ll hear from groups, as always, about your successes in your own rural areas, and we’ll hear from our newest member, Molly Sandley (our incredible Political Manager) about what’s next for us. 

Lastly, we’re launching something of an experiment this summer. We all itch to get out and do something, all the time (which is why we do what we do in this movement), but it is deeply, DEEPLY important to sharpen, innovate, and keep up with the best guidance we have (after all: if reading about history, activism, and progressive politics were simply a futile chore, why would all our reps be trying to ban books, eh?). That’s why we’re starting a book club this summer – to practice what we preach about why reading, learning, and imparting knowledge is important. We’re resisting reactionary book bans by doing what they don’t want us to do: coming together and reading about how we can make these bastards irrelevant with smart organizing. Mind you, we won’t just be absorbing the information: we’ll be talking about how we can harness what we learn into practice. So join us for an explanation, and a discussion about how we can deepen our practice. Order your copy of Harvest the Vote by Jane Kleeb now to get an early start on our Summer Book Club!

See you next week, 

Indivisible’s Rural Team (Natalie, Cameron, Rachelle, Scott, and Molly)

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