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Dear Rural and Red District Indivisibles,

How do we build A Bigger We to take back more control of our lives and our political process? That’s a huge question for Rural Indivisibles and one we’re working on together this summer. And to deepen and inform our organizing in rural communities and rural districts, we’re hosting our First Ever Rural Caucus Book Club! 

Join us for the June and July Rural Caucus calls as we’ll be reading and discussing Jane Kleeb’s Harvest the VoteRegister here for the June 28th call.

Don’t miss out. We’re making the book free to the first 75 folks who sign up. We will need your book order in by the June 16th so you have time to read it. You can order your free copy here

We’re splitting the book up over two calls. For June, read “Part One: Rural-Urban Divide: Building the Bridge.” For July, read “Part Two: Rural People at the Democratic Table.” 

Bring your thoughts, reactions, real-life examples and willingness to think through the material and how it might apply to your local organizing. 

Also on the call, our new Indivisible Rural Caucus team member Molly will update us on the Farm Bill and review some critical SCOTUS decisions.

Flag your calendars: we’re launching the Powering Progress campaign to celebrate the tangible benefits (millions of jobs! reliable renewable energy! lower healthcare costs!) of the Inflation Reduction Act. This transformative bill was made possible by all of us joining together to fight Big Oil and Big Pharma, and deliver what our families need to thrive. We wanted the Rural Caucus to be among the first to know about this new campaign since there are billions of dollars to support rural electric co-ops and rural renewable energy. Join us to learn how you can take action to celebrate the IRA’s  1-year anniversary in August! Register for this July 13th call here

As always, the Rural Caucus is about you, your experiences, your vision for your community, and your fight to make America better for everyone, no exceptions. And we do this together. Register Here! See you on June 28th, 8pmET, 5pmPT. 

With love + solidarity, 

Indivisible’s Rural Team (Natalie, Cameron, Rachelle, Scott, and Molly)

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