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Indivisibles, we wanted to make sure you saw Ezra’s message from last week. SCOTUS could give state legislatures unprecedented power to pass voter suppression laws, gerrymander districts, refuse to certify elections, and select presidential electors — giving MAGA extremists the blueprint to ignore the voters in 2024 and hand the election to Trump. Our new campaign — Crush the Coup — is how we fight back. Read on to get the details, then chip in what you can to back Democratic state legislative candidates running in the six key battleground states that are currently under MAGA control

Hey folks,

I love being the bearer of good news. On Monday we launched “Crush the Coup” to support a couple dozen state legislature candidates in six states. We sent a long email on this a few days ago, and I recorded a TikTok on it (yes — I’m new to TikTok but learning!), so I won’t go into deep detail here. The short version is this:

  1. The threat: The Supreme Court is considering allowing state legislatures to ignore voters in 2024. Yes, it’s bonkers, and yes the threat from this court is real. Check out my TikTok if you want more info.
  2. The urgency: The state candidates that get elected this year are the ones who get to choose to certify the election results in 2024. If we wait to fight back until the Supreme Court has already ruled on this, we’ll be too late.
  3. The plan: We’ve identified the 29 most competitive state legislator candidates in six key states that are currently under MAGA control. Get these folks in office, and we stop this coup before it starts — easy peasy.

Here’s the good news: We launched Crush the Coup just a couple days ago, and it’s already raised about $50,000. My not-so-secret goal: I want us to get up to $2,500 per candidate — and we’re already more than halfway there. What does $2,500 get? Well, for Indivisible that pays for 6,250 calls to voters, another 20,800 texts, 500 mailers, and 20 clipboards for door to door canvassing. Now imagine multiplying that times 29 candidates all across the country! This is real, impactful investment — and it’s achievable.

Focus on what you can do. You’re not responsible for saving democracy by yourself. We’ve had donations from all over the country. This is normal, grassroots donors tossing in $25, $50, $100 dollars to help out. I tossed in $50 myself just yesterday. All the donations are split evenly between the candidates and Indivisible to get out the vote. To make it more manageable, here’s what I’d suggest: Adopt just one of these states, focus your attention, effort, and support there. Everybody else will be doing the same, and together, we’ll get this done.

Pick one:

  • Adopt Arizona. MAGAs control the state by just two votes in the state House and state Senate. We’ve identified the six most competitive candidates.
  • Adopt Georgia. The GOP has gerrymandered the hell out of this state. Our realistic goal is to weaken MAGA control and prevent 2024 shenanigans like we saw in 2024. We’ve identified the six most competitive candidates.
  • Adopt North Carolina. The state is heavily gerrymandered. We won’t be able to flip the entire legislature this cycle, but we can break the MAGA supermajority. We’ve identified the four most competitive candidates.
  • Adopt Pennsylvania. The big opportunity here is to take the state House. We’ve identified the five most competitive candidates.
  • Adopt Wisconsin. Similar to North Carolina — absurd GOP gerrymandering means the goal here is to break the MAGA supermajority. We’ve identified the five most competitive candidates.

Double bang for buck. One extra reason to click on one of those links: In every single one of these states there is ALSO a competitive U.S. Senate election. That’s Mike Kelly in Arizona, John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, Mandela Barnes in Wisconsin, Cheri Beasley in North Carolina, and Raphael Warnock in Georgia. That means your support is doing double work — every voter the state legislature candidates gets out for themselves is ALSO a vote against the MAGA Senate candidate. So not only will you be helping to flip a MAGA state legislature, you’ll be helping expand our margins in the Senate to make McConnell, Sinema, and Manchin politically irrelevant next year. 

Yes, you can adopt more than one state if you’d like, but please don’t get overwhelmed. Can’t donate? We still want you in on this. Go to crushthecoup.org to write letters to the editor or host a phone bank. We’re all in this together. We’re all shouldering what we can. And together, I’m gonna say it — we’re gonna win.

In solidarity,

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