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Every single opponent to our Give No Ground candidates on the ballot in this election holds extreme anti-abortion views

Every. One. 

That is nineteen races all around the country where Republicans had an opportunity NOT to show themselves as extremists and instead actively chose to ignore the will of the American people. This stance is not confined to region, to religion, or to Trump endorsements, this is a core platform of the MAGA Republican right-wing. 

At just over two weeks from election day, Republicans are attempting to make this election a referendum on the economy and crime (two issues they have no history of improving). We know what this election is really about — Republicans want to take away our right to bodily autonomy. 

When Trump’s stolen Supreme Court repealed Roe, when Lindsey Graham introduced a national abortion ban, Republicans made perfectly clear what their priorities are. Once the backlash began, extremist candidates began to hide their stances, hoping to distract the American people with messaging centering on Biden rather than their own extremist candidates. 

We don’t get distracted. 

We have two weeks left to defeat MAGA extremists.
Two weeks left to ensure Roe is codified into federal law.
Two weeks left to fight back against book bans, shipping kidnapped migrants across the country, and a Republican stacked Supreme Court. 

We are down to the wire, what will you do to make sure we win?

With that, here are your weekly to-dos:

 Your 6 weekly to-dos 

  1. Click here to RSVP for our National phonebank for Raphael Warnock tomorrow Tuesday, October 25 at 6pm ET/3pm PT. Georgia was a key state to achieving a Democratic majority in 2020 and we have a close race again. Warnock is up against Herschel Walker — a Trump endorsed candidate with a history of domestic violence allegations who couldn’t even bother to show up for their second debate last Sunday. Let’s make sure we keep Georgia out of the hands of this MAGA extremist!
  2. Click here to RSVP for our Phonebank for John Fetterman with Gaslit Nation this Friday, October 28 at 4pm ET/1pm PT. Andrea Chalupa and Sarah Kendzior of Gaslit Nation are experts, regularly doing deep dives on current news and events around the globe. This Friday, we’ll come together to make sure voters know just how important John Fetterman is to Pennsylvania and the future of our democracy. 
  3. Click here to register to Give No Ground. Click “volunteer” in the top right corner. If you are a part of an Indivisible group, register as a group, if not you can register as an individual. This is where we will do the work for the next two weeks to hold the House and achieve a real majority in the Senate. To win, we must get the message out. Give No Ground is our home for opportunities to phonebank, textbank, canvass, postcard, and more so that when November comes around, we can say that we gave it our all for democracy. MAGA Republicans are mobilizing, but there are more of us than there are of them. Let’s make sure we show it!
  4. Click here to sign up for the Indivisible Truth Brigade. Propaganda, false characterizations, intentionally misleading messages, and outright lies threaten our democracy and even our lives. We can effectively combat disinformation, despite the well-funded machines that drive it. People believe sources they trust! Lies are on the ballot this November and when lies are on the ballot, we have both a moral and an existential responsibility to stop them from winning. Sign up to learn how to fight disinformation in a way that drives change and protects our communities from the threat of extremism. (Join the Truth Brigade for a special phonebank for Mandela Barnes this Wednesday at 6:30pm ET/3:30pm PT.)
  5. Do you live in a rural area? Click here to join our National Rural Program. We have special election resources and calls specifically for our rural Indivisibles where you can learn more about strategies and issues specific to Indivisibles living in rural areas. If you want an idea of what that looks like, click here to check out our agenda and notes from previous meetings. 
  6. Click here to register for our National Post-Election Call on Thursday, November 10 at 8pm ET/5pm PT. Join us for a post-election call where we’ll take a look at the current status of the election results and talk about our plan to move forward.

The work of defending democracy continues with your help. In order to keep Give No Ground running and to fund all of the work we do here at Indivisible, click here to donate today.

 Upcoming Phonebanks 

Thursday, October 27:
Jamie McLeod-Skinner is in one of the most closely watched districts in the country and Indivisibles have been supporting her all along the way. Mark Kelly, Jevin Hodge, and Kirsten Engel are all aiming to change the direction of Arizona this cycle. RSVP to our deep canvassing phonebank at 8pm ET/5pm PT to talk to conflicted pro-choice voters in Arizona and Oregon. 

Friday, October 28:
John Fetterman has been running an inspired campaign in Pennsylvania, firing up his base while reminding voters that Mehmet Oz is an out of touch elitist from New Jersey with negligible political experience. Join Andrea Chalupa and Sara Kendzior of Gaslit Nation as we make calls for Fetterman at 4pm ET/1pm PT.

Tuesday, November 1:
Join us for another phonebank for Mandela Barnes. This one will be focused more broadly on his incredible candidacy RSVP to join at 6pm ET/3pm PT. 

Thursday, November 3:
We’re having a voter contact bonanza with our West Pod. We’ll be texting for Marie Gluesenkamp Perez (WA-03) and Kim Schrier (WA-08) while also phonebanking for Mary Peltola (AK-AL), Mark Kelly (AZ-Sen), Will Rollins (CA-41), and Jamie McLeod Skinner (OR-05) — RSVP to join us at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

Friday, November 4:
Our Midwest Pod will be hosting a national phonebank for Mandela Barnes (there’s a rumor there will be games and prizes involved), RSVP to phonebank with us at 5pm ET/2pm PT.

Saturday, November 5:
Our East Coast Pod will be hosting a national phonebank for John Fetterman (there’s a rumor there will be games and prizes involved here too), RSVP to join us at 12pm ET/9am PT.

Sunday, November 6:
The House is just as important as the Senate this election and Katie Porter is here to deliver while running against Scott Baugh who opposes abortion and refused to answer a yes or no question on whether Biden won the election — RSVP to call for Katie Porter in CA-45 at 4pm ET/1pm PT.

Monday, November 7:
Andrea Chalupa of Gaslit Nation joins us once again to lead a phonebank for Lauren Underwood (IL-14) and Mandela Barnes (Wisconsin – Senate)Click here to RSVP for the 4pm ET/1pm PT phonebank. When that’s finished, hop over to join our South Pod to phonebank for Sheri Beasley and Raphael Warnock (one more opportunity for possible games and prizes) — RSVP to phonebank with our South Pod at 6pm ET/3pm PT.

National Events

Join Indivisible’s POC Caucus for a virtual phonebank for Mandela Barnes in Wisconsin on Tuesday, October 25 at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT. Join Indivisible National POC staff as we talk and connect around issues that directly affect POC, the work that we do, and the world in which we try to create lasting change. In this pre-election week, we will be making calls to support an incredible Black candidate — Mandela Barnes — as he tries to unseat MAGA Republican Ron Johnson. Please note that this is a space specifically for people of color/indigenous group leaders and members. 

RSVP for the Indivisible Rural Caucus call on Wednesday, October 26 at 8pm ET/5pm PT. Are you an Indivisible activist in a rural area? Come join Rural Indivisibles for our monthly call. Our special guests this month are 2 incredible candidates running for Congress in rural districts: Scott Huffman (NC-08) and Randi McCallinan (MO-08). This is our last call before the election, and we’ll be talking through this final sprint together. We can do this!

Messaging to Win in 2022

Join Indivisible and partner organizations in the Protect Our Freedoms coalition on Mondays at 4pm ET/1pm PT for our Messaging to Win in 2022 briefings. In these sessions we’ll cover the latest intel on key battleground races and share tested messaging on what it will take to protect our freedoms. We’ll present up-to-date research into attitudes of key voting segments, as well as talking points, messaging, and calls to action to mobilize our base to the polls and swing conflicted voters to our side.

IndivisiWin of the Week 

Indivisible Mad River Valley earns media coverage from WCAX for their Light Brigade protest about the January 6th riots.

Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to keep up on the latest information, and text “INDIVISIBLE” to 59798 to opt-in to our text messaging program where we send rapid response actions a few times a month.

Earlier today, our Deputy Political Director said, “a lot of folks talk about elections, but our job as political practitioners is to actually do the work.” There’s a lot of noise right now about who can or cannot win, predicting the outcome before votes are cast, those are predictions built on models. We are the people who do the work on the ground. Your work will make a difference for generations to come.

Two weeks. Let’s finish strong.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

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