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A MAGA multi-millionaire and failed gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna are trying to stop us from spreading the truth about their slate of backwards initiatives.

On Friday afternoon, Fuse received a cease and desist letter from McKenna demanding we end our decline-to-sign campaign against the six destructive “Backwards Washington” ballot measures.1 Together, these initiatives would cut nearly $900 million a year from public schools and child care, block seniors from accessing long-term care, and increase Big Oil profits while rolling back our investments in clean energy. They want to silence our work exposing these giant tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy.

The people behind this campaign have deep pockets and will stop at nothing to impose their far-right agenda on Washington, but we will not be intimidated! We need your help to fight back against these legal threats and redouble our efforts to educate the public about these destructive initiatives. Will you chip in $5 now to our rapid response campaign?

These “Backwards Washington” initiatives are part of a far-right agenda aimed directly at our kids and their schools, working families trying to afford childcare, seniors who benefit from long-term care, and clean energy solutions that tackle the growing climate crisis. Here’s the initiatives and what they do:

  • I-2109: Repeals Washington’s capital gains tax on top 0.2%, defunding early learning and education
  • I-2117: Ends Washington’s program to fund clean energy and fight climate change by making polluters pay
  • I-2124: Repeals long-term care coverage for working Washingtonians
  • I-2113: Repeals best practice safety standards for dangerous high speed chases
  • I-2081: Doing nothing for kids and schools while undermining safe harbor protections for reproductive and gender affirming care
  • I-2111: Protecting Washington’s wealthiest 1% while slashing funds for child care, education, paid family and medical leave, and long term care

MAGA multi-millionaire Brian Heywood is bankrolling these initiatives in a cynical effort to dodge the taxes he owes to our communities, and now he’s enlisted the help of Rob McKenna. We can’t back down and let them roll back so much of the progress we’ve made. Will you chip in $5 now to our rapid response legal and communications campaign?

Thanks for all that you do,
Aaron and the entire team at Fuse

  1. www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/politics/gop-initiative-sponsors-accuse-democrats-allies-of-illegal-suppression-efforts-in-wa

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