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Dear Friend,

The new year brings a new Washington state legislative session! With only 60 days in this year’s session, we’re looking forward to pushing quickly on everything from making Big Oil corporations pay to clean up their pollution to building enough affordable housing for everyone to have a home.

Our legislative priorities this year were shaped by your responses to our member survey in December, as well as conversations with partners and community leaders. The issues we will be working on this year include:

  • Expanding affordable housing across Washington. No matter how much money we have, we should all be able to live in a home we can afford. We’re fighting for limits on rent increases so that families can stay in their homes, and for our state to be able to build more affordable homes every year through a permanent funding source created by rebalancing the tax rates on the sale of multi-million dollar properties.
  • Rebalancing our upside-down tax code and fighting wealth inequality. We’re going to continue the fight to make sure that Washington’s ultra-wealthy pay their share for the community services that we all rely on by supporting new approaches to taxing wealth. We’re also working to expand the Working Families Tax Credit and supporting a Guaranteed Basic Income that would help struggling working families afford rent and put food on the table.
  • Extending life-saving benefits to all working Washington residents. Immigrant workers who pay taxes in our state deserve to access the same kinds of health care and unemployment insurance benefits as other workers, so we’re joining with immigrant justice partners to make this right.
  • Stopping Big Oil from price gouging Washington residents. We’re supporting legislation to hold Big Oil corporations and other polluters accountable for price gouging the people of Washington. They should pay to clean up the pollution they create.

With such a short session this year, developments will happen quickly and progressives will need to be ready to respond quickly to help these bills pass. Follow us on social media to keep up to date on everything happening this session, and for opportunities to have your voice heard in Olympia.

Thank you for all you do,
Rosey and the entire team at Fuse

P.S. It’s going to take a big grassroots push to enact these progressive policy changes. Will you chip in $5 to fund our organizing and communications campaign to push lawmakers to build a more progressive Washington?

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