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If we’re not serious about keeping families in their homes, we’re not serious about fighting homelessness. No matter how much money we have, we should all be able to live in a home we can afford. But greedy landlords keep jacking up rents as high as they can, displacing Washington families and forcing others into homelessness.

That’s why we’re excited that a bill to stabilize rents by limiting rent increases to 5% and move-in fees to the equivalent of one month’s rent has a hearing this Friday in the Senate Committee on Housing!

Rent stabilization is critical to solving our housing crisis. Show your support for Senate Bill 59611 by clicking on the button to sign in “pro” below and adding your information (don’t worry, only your name is publicly viewable). Will you help keep families in their homes and urge legislators to support rent stabilization today?

This legislation also requires landlords to give six months notice to tenants if they plan to raise the rent by 3% or more. With more time to find a new place to live, families will be much less likely to be forced into homelessness after a rent increase. It will also protect manufactured homeowners, and people who rent month-to-month.

Thanks for all that you do,
Rosey and the entire team at Fuse

P.S. Overturning long standing barriers to preventing homelessness is going to take a lot of work to achieve. Will you chip in $5 now to help us pass these critical progressive reforms?

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