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Call to Meeting for April 21, 2022

April Regular Business Meeting Details
Thursday, April 21
6:00p.m. to 8:00p.m.

Click here for the agenda.

Zoom Meeting
To Participate by Phone 
Dial: 1 (253) 215-8782
Then Dial: 87557170970
Then Dial “#”

Fellow Democrats,

Good afternoon. My name is Jake Dorsey; I’m the second vice-chair of the Franklin County Democrats. It’s a pleasure to meet you (if we’ve met before, hello again!). Before we go further, two things:

1. Please email me at dorsey.jake@gmail.com if any part of this email and its attached agenda stirs concern. I am here to serve you.

2. This meeting is being called by chair Jeffrey Robinson; I’m just writing the email. ^_^

It is a historic moment for us. I use “historic” in the actual sense; Jeffrey Robinson has been our chair for several years now, taking us through a turbulent political era while keeping us focused on improving the lives of the residents of Franklin County.

Now Jeff is retiring to Walla Walla, where he will focus on his health, family and his next moves. We will be looking to seeing where, and with whom, his political mastery turns up next.

In the meantime, we must move forward. Elections for county executives and the District 3 commissioner are headed toward us. Between then and now, we must rally and either put forward, or assist, a Democratic candidate for one of those many offices.

Unfortunately, part of that work comes with a pair of internal elections. We need to fill the shoes Jeff has gracefully exited, and elect a new chair, first vice chair and (eventually) secretary. Please note that because this party election is happening within a chair’s term, elected and appointed precinct committee officers may participate.

I’ve spoken to several people who came highly recommended for the job. That said, if you know someone, or wish to stand for election yourself — now’s the time!With that out of the way, are there other topics you’d like to see brought before the body? Would you like to go back to in-person meetings? Know someone who wants to run against District 3’s gavel-happy commissioner? Once more, email me at dorsey.jake@gmail.com with your thoughts, ideas, concerns, gripes and other text-based points. (Phone calls also welcome after an introduction!)

In service to democracy and the Union.

— Dorsey