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Please sign in PRO before Friday, Feb 10 @ 7 am.

Calls for Constitutional Amendment to Address Money in Elections

SJM 8002 – Calling on Congress to exercise its authority under Article V of the United States Constitution to regulate money spent on elections.

Status & Hearings:

• Scheduled for public hearing in the Senate Committee on State Government & Elections on Feb 10 at 8:00 AM(Committee Materials) You can view the public hearing HERE.

• Bill Summary: Calls on Congress to pass a Constitutional Amendment and send to the states for ratification, the following:

  • The ability to that establish corporations and other legal entities are not actual persons under the law and should be treated differently, especially when it comes elections.
  • That the spending of money in elections is NOT a form of free speech.
  • That money in elections should be regulated for candidate campaigns and ballot measures, on both a local and national level.
  • That prompt disclosure of campaigns contributions is vital for public trust.

The language of this memorial is similar to Initiative 735, passed by the people of Washington in 2016 with 63% of the vote, and in all 10 Congressional districts!


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*Sign in by 7 am on Feb 10th, at least one hour before the hearing.

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