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Women are powerful: We’re ruling economies, winning championships, and  smashing box office records – but when it comes to our government, the patriarchy has been in charge for far too long. It’s time for women to take over.

But stale, pale, and male Republicans still control our legislatures, and they’re using that to pass hateful laws to control our bodies and our futures. That’s why Emerge works to recruit, train, and empower Democratic women up and down the ballot, and we just launched a new video to spread the word (Take a look!).

Will you help us end the old boys’ club today? Donate $10 now to help Emerge continue to expand our movement!

Emerge has made incredible progress on our mission: Our candidates have won 71 percent of their races. We’ve elected more than 1,200 people to office. And we have 200+ Emerge women on the ballot this cycle.

But we’ve got a hell of a lot more to do. If we’re going to make our government look like our country and make decisions that most Americans agree with, we need to elect way more Democratic women – especially women of the New American Majority.

That’s where you come in. We need resources to keep up support for our candidates, and we’re hoping you’ll chip in today.

Will you donate $10 now to help Democratic women run? It’s the best way to deliver power back to the people and continue working to restore our fundamental rights nationwide.

Thanks for being part of this movement. 

– Team Emerge

P.S. If you’re unable to donate today, please click here to like and share our video.

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