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Next Steps

It is wonderful to hear so many people stepping up and offering to support my campaign. We need everyone! We will win because we have the strongest ground game. There is nothing that motivates a voter more than direct voter contact. We have knocked on more doors, called, texted, sent more post cards, written more letters to the editor and attended more events than any of the other candidates. We will continue to do this through November 8th and through all my terms in Congress. The job of a Representative is to listen to the people, take their message to congress, pass legislation and bring our tax dollars home to invest in our future. Sadly this simple truth has been lost on our politicians.

Flip the narrative. As I travel up and down this district I hear, from mostly republicans, that investing in our country and in the people of this nation is destroying us. How have we got to the point where people think anytime good is done for them that it is a trick or scam? Like a dog beaten by its master we shrink away from even a kind hand. It is long overdue to put people back in control, not politicians. They serve at our pleasure not the other way around.

We will be at the Benton/ Franklin County Fair tomorrow Saturday August 20th. If you want to walk with us or the Benton County Democrats then you need to be there at 9am. We won’t know where in line we will be until we check in tomorrow morning, but I will Facebook live our location.

We are everywhere! This last week alone we were at 1 city council, 2 fairs and a day in Goldendale took us to 5 different stops. Check out the pictures.

We need volunteers! Phone banking, Texting, Canvassing, Letter writing and so much more. Join us now for Blue in ’22.


¡¡Necesitamos voluntarios! Llamadas telefónicas, mensajes de texto, campañas de publicidad, escribir cartas y mucho más. Únase a nosotros ahora para la democracia en ’22.