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I’m from a 4th-generation farming family. I was raised to value the Earth and all it provides. But in my lifetime alone, families like mine and others across Washington have seen drastic changes in our environment that impact our everyday lives.

The reality is, over the past six decades, fundamental issues have gone without any serious efforts to fix them, particularly water security and sustainable infrastructure.

We can’t ignore the damages of the climate crisis already taking a toll on our communities. It’s time we take responsibility for protecting our planet for future generations.

Earth Day calls us all to action – sign on to join me in demanding sustainable climate solutions from our elected leaders →

We must build resiliency into our economy by facing up to the fact our climate is changing.

The climate crisis isn’t going away, so we must do everything we can to mitigate damages and adjust to a new way of life.

Everyday, hardworking Washingtonians – like the family I come from – are at the forefront of this crisis. Our district already faces annual drought that could devastate businesses and the livelihoods of the thousands of families they support.

Unfortunately, right now we’re being represented by a climate denier who refuses to acknowledge the impact of climate change.

I’m committed to bringing the voices of working families to Congress, but our work begins long before I get there.

Stand with me in this important Earth Day action, Kendall: Add your name to call on our elected leaders to enact sustainable climate solutions quickly →

Let’s make our voices heard.

Thanks for standing with us.

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