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OCTOBER 10, 2022

Weekly Recap

I was at Volunteer Park in Pasco last Saturday for the Women’s March. The state legislatures, the federal government, and the Supreme Court can not take away our right to make decisions about our lives and bodies. The constitution protects all persons born and naturalized in this county with rights and protection that can not be denied.

Republican fellows, especially our District Rep. Dan Newhouse, voted ‘No’ on the Women Health’s Protection Act of 2022. He has no respect for the most fundamental human rights. How can we expect him to help our community, to help and represent our people?

El sábado pasado, yo estuve presente en el Parque Volunteer para la marcha de mujeres. Las legislaturas estatales, el gobierno federal, y la corte suprema no pueden arrebatarnos nuestro derecho de tomar decisiones acerca de nuestras vidas, ni la autonomía de nuestros cuerpos. La constitución protege todo ciudadano nacido, o naturalizado en este país con derechos y protecciones que no pueden ser negados. Republicanos, especialmente el Representante de nuestro Distrito, Dan Newhouse, eligió votar ‘No’ en 2022 sobre el Acto de Protección de la Salud Femenina. No respeta los fundamentos básicos de los derechos humanos. ¿Como podemos esperar que el ayude a nuestra comunidad, o, que ayude y represente a nuestra gente?

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I was honored to be invited to White Swan High School as they are launching a Farm to Table program to teach students about their heritage and self-sufficient farming through growing their own food.

Good education is the backbone of a civilized and developed community. We have always been living in this land, in all its diverse beauty and abundance, and our kids should have all opportunities to learn and appreciate the gift of nature.

Tuve el honor de ser invitado a la Preparatoria White Swan ya que están lanzando un programa Del Campo-a la-Mesa para ensenar a los estudiantes sobre su herencia y como ser independientes en la siembra de sus propios alimentos. La educación apropiada es la columna de una comunidad desarrollada y civilizada. Siempre hemos vivido en esta tierra con todo su esplendor diverso y su abundancia, y nuestros hijos deben tener todas las oportunidades de aprender y apreciar el obsequio de la naturaleza.

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As Election Day is coming up in less than 4 weeks, I have more chances to participate in multiple Candidate Forums, in Ephrata, in Tonasket, in White Salmon, at the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce…etc. While Dan Newhouse, as usual, was a no-show.

This proved that the leader of this district has always been absent. We need someone that has the skills and capability to see the future and deliver!

Instead of arguing, we should be building! Infrastructure, energy, and rail attract family-wage jobs and secure our future. These forums are how politics should be as people face their elected officials and candidates. By sharing my visions and thoughts on critical matters such as water shortage, infrastructure, cleaning up the Hanford site, or Snake River Dams removal, I am able to reassure you and your trust that I am the right person for the job.

A medida que se aproximan las elecciones, dentro de cuatro semanas, eh tenido mas oportunidades de participar en múltiples foros de candidatura, en Ephrata, en Tonasket, en White Salmon, en la Cámara de Comercio del Valle de Wenatchee… etc. Y como de costumbre Dan Newhouse no se presento.

Esto demuestra que el líder de este distrito siempre ha estado ausente. Necesitamos alguien que posea las habilidades y la capacidad de visualizar el futuro y someter lo. ¡En lugar de discutir, deberíamos estar construyendo! Infraestructura, energía, y tranvía atraen ingresos familiares y aseguran nuestro futuro. Estos Foros son como la política debería ser mientras la gente enfrenta sus funcionarios electivos y candidatos. Al compartir mi visión y pensamientos sobre asuntos críticos tales como escasez de agua, infraestructura, la limpieza del sitio de Hanford, o la eliminación de presas del rio Snake, puedo asegurarles y a su confianza que soy la persona adecuada para esta candidatura.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We have been arguing over the snake river dams for over 70 years. They will not likely come down in my lifetime and they definitely will not come down in my tenure in congress. As your Representative I can prepare us for the future by expanding renewable energy production, energy storage, and alternative transportation by investing in rail and continuing to support improvements in our salmon runs.

Hemos discutido sobre las presas del rio Snake por mas de 70 años. No es probable que sean derivadas durante mi vida, y definitivamente no serán derivadas en mi tenencia en el congreso. Como su Representante yo puedo preparar nos para el futuro con la expansión de la producción de energía renovable, el almacenaje de energía, el transporte alternativo al invertir en tranvías y continuar apoyando los mejoramientos del recorrido del Salmon.

Spanish translation: Daniel Octavius

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We are Phone Banking every Tuesday and Thursday from now till the election. Canvassers are needed, please contact us to sign up in your county or area. We will provide all you need. Text banking is coming soon! Please check out the events page for Get Out the Vote event near you!

Our upcoming campaign events in different locations are the perfect opportunity to meet Doug and hear his vision for our district directly from him.

Colville Tribes Meet and Greet: Oct 15, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PMOmak, 28968 US-97, Omak, WA

Filipino American Community of Yakima Valley 70th Anniversary:Oct 15, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PMhttps://www.facebook.com/events/81839020265

Canvassing in Pasco: Oct 16, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PMPeanuts Park, 109 S 4th Ave, Pasco, WA

House Party at the home of Liz Vann-Clark: Oct 16, 3:00 PMRichland, 1920 Pine St, Richland, WA

White Salmon: The League of Women Voters Candidate Forum:Oct 18, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PMhttps://www.facebook.com/events/10505962856 

Oroville Whistle Stop: Oct 20, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Tonasket Candidate Forum: Oct 20, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PMTonasket, N Western Ave, Tonasket, WA

Campaign Fundraiser at Happy Hen Barn: Oct 21, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PMYakima, 10204 Tieton Dr, Yakima, WA

Campaign Fundraiser at Collab Coffee: Oct 22, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PMYakima, 18 S 1st St, Yakima, WA

House Party at the home of Eric and Lauren Hohman: Oct 23, 4:00 PMYakima, 109 N 25th Ave, Yakima, WA

Can’t make it to an event? Please consider contributing to Doug’s campaign as we enter the final weeks of the election!

See you on the campaign trail,
Team Doug

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