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SEPTEMBER 30, 2022


Thank you to the Tri-City Herald for inviting me to their candidate interview. It was the first, and probably the last, time I will face Rep. Dan Newhouse.

When I meet persons who have shouldered such responsibility I expect them to be significant, sadly he was not. I was disappointed.

I have heard that he is a good man, but I saw someone that looked worn. After voting to impeach Trump we know he had to grovel to get back into the good graces of the GOP, which is unlikely to ever happen.

But what saddened me most was when I called him on the vile and disgusting lies told in a push poll conducted to damage my reputation. I thought I was talking to that “good guy”. When I demanded he stop them, make a statement against such political actions, and apologies he looked deflated. He confessed he did not know what was going on in his campaign and made no offer to stop it, speak out against it, or apologies. As outraged as I am about this attack on me and my family, I think I am more sad for him. Since voting to impeach Trump he has surrendered all his independence trying to hang on to what is left of his career.

On better news, I had such a great time at the Yakima Sun Fair Parade. I am grateful to everyone who came and joined us. Democrats were out in force! The parade was sensational, good food and great people. We had a great turnout. I was honored to be on the judging board for the Salsa Dancing competition. Had a great time and was able to have a short talk with everyone, sharing my vision for the District.

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Last week I had a chance to celebrate my birthday with family, friends, and my supporter at Hop Capital Brewing. It was one of the great birthdays I have had in my life and in my career. Surrounded by your great support, I feel more confident in this campaign more than ever.

District 4 is a wonderful area with so much to give. We the people who live here deserve to have a leader with the right set of priorities. I believe I have the right mindset and skills to deliver.

I am ready to make a change. I hope I have your vote.

Join the Washington State Democrats for our Weekend of Action! Come hear Doug White and Jeff Strickler as they kick us off before we canvass fellow Democrats to increase voter turnout and support for our awesome candidates up and down the ballot ahead of the critical November general election!

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We are Phone Banking every Tuesday and Thursday from now till the election. Canvassers are needed, please contact us to sign up in your county or area. We will provide all you need. Text banking is coming soon! Please check out the events page for Get Out the Vote event near you!

Our upcoming campaign events in Kennewick, Methow Valley, and Yakima are the perfect opportunity to meet Doug and hear his vision for our district directly from him.

  • Oct. 1: Weekend of Action Day 110:00 AM – 3:00 PM (Yakima County Democrats Office, 402 S 3rd St, Yakima)
  •  Oct 2: Weekend of Action Day 2 – 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM (Fruitland Park, Kennewick, 407 N Fruitland St, Kennewick, WA)

Can’t make it to an event? Please consider contributing to Doug’s campaign as we enter the final weeks of the election!

See you on the campaign trail,
Team Doug

We need volunteers! Phone banking, Texting, Canvassing, Letter writing and so much more. Join us now for Blue in ’22.


¡¡Necesitamos voluntarios! Llamadas telefónicas, mensajes de texto, campañas de publicidad, escribir cartas y mucho más. Únase a nosotros ahora para la democracia en ’22.