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SEPTEMBER 16, 2022

The Right Priorities

I see a future for Central Washington when others do not. I see our water projects finished, immigration reform enacted, wages rising, community centers thriving and our energy needs being met. Some call this pie in the sky, but I call it good math.

You see, there is money to do all these things, it is our money! What we have been told is that any money spent on us or our district is wasteful and is going to raise the deficit and destroy our economy. What they don’t tell you is that our government officials can redirect money to different priorities without raising taxes or the deficit, they just don’t think we are a priority.

What do they support instead of us? They supported increasing our deficit by eight trillion dollars during the last administration with nothing coming to us. They back policies that lost us precious foreign markets and our economy billions of dollars. They backed reducing the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% thereby slashing our federal tax revenue by over a trillion dollars and passing the burden to us!

There is enough of our tax dollars to defend this country and invest in ourselves. We need someone with the right set of priorities.

It was another busy week! I went from Omak for the Okanogan County Fair across to Nespelem for an interview. Stopped for a radio show then headed south to Bingen for the annual Huckleberry Festival and parade. Then I went to Pasco on Saturday for the Fiery Food Festival. The last stop was in Tieton Farm and Creamery where I had such a great time discussing the issue of fresh-water shortage and sharing my vision on how to support our community the most on farming and infrastructure.In between and around all of that I was talking to people all up and down this district along with city councils and just examining everything myself. This is a beautiful area with so much to give. We should not trust it to those that don’t respect it. Those that refuse to protect us from drought, refuse land management to stop the wildfires, and deny our changing climate while our farmers suffer crop loss. I am ready to make a change. I hope I have your vote.

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We are Phone Banking every Tuesday and Thursday from now till the election. Canvassers are needed, please contact us to sign up in your county or area. We will provide all you need. Text banking is coming soon! Please check out the events page for Get Out the Vote event near you!

Our upcoming campaign events in Kennewick, Methow Valley, and Yakima are the perfect opportunity to meet Doug and hear his vision for our district directly from him.

Can’t make it to an event? Please consider contributing to Doug’s campaign as we enter the final weeks of the election!

See you on the campaign trail,
Team Doug

We need volunteers! Phone banking, Texting, Canvassing, Letter writing and so much more. Join us now for Blue in ’22.


¡¡Necesitamos voluntarios! Llamadas telefónicas, mensajes de texto, campañas de publicidad, escribir cartas y mucho más. Únase a nosotros ahora para la democracia en ’22.