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Hi all,

Happy National Voter Registration Day! Reaching out to share some updates from the campaign, and flag new outside spending that we’re beginning to see pour in from Republican-backed groups.

An outside PAC called “Evergreen Principles” is now spending nearly $1.7 million on an extremely misleading TV ad that will run for the next month. This comes just days after a major Trump-funded super PAC began a $500k buy that includes false claims about the Inflation Reduction Act. We’re now being outspent on the airwaves in the final weeks leading up to ballot drop—putting things in a dangerous place, as recent, credible public polling (Trafalgar, who conducted some of the most recent polling, has an A- rating by 538) is showing a single-digit race. 

To the extent that folks are able, you can chip in to support the campaign HERE, and lift up Senator Murray’s Facebook post about this HERE. Our team is going to be working hard to at least work back to parity on the airwaves—we expect national Republicans to continue to dump money into this race to make up for floundering candidates in other key states. Many of you have heard me say that Senator Murray never takes a race for granted, especially in a year like this where we know Republicans can pour in outside money at any moment. That moment is now, and your support, time, and commitment make a big difference.

As part of the effort to push out our message, we’re going up with a new ad today titled “Madi.” It features a young woman from Texas who had to travel 14 hours to receive reproductive health care after Texas enacted its extreme abortion ban. It comes as Smiley’s campaign doubled down on her support for the Texas abortion ban over the weekend, with a spokesperson clarifying that Smiley’s “‘position is pro-life, and she respects the decision the state of Texas made’”. You can watch the ad here, and we’d love for you to amplify it on social as you are able. 

With just a month until ballots drop, we’re working hard to build out the grassroots infrastructure that will help us elect Democrats up and down the ballot in November. There are tons of ways to get involved in these final weeks—please continue to drive folks to sign up for shifts through the WA Dems, including for a major Weekend of Action October 1-2. 

Finally, in case it’s helpful to you and your teams, sharing some suggested draft Facebook and Instagram posts and tweets here that you are free to use and repurpose when talking about Senator Murray’s race this week. 

As always, let me know if there are any questions or if you need anything further from the campaign—we appreciate your support!

Kate Baumgartner
Political Director
People for Patty Murray