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As we mark the anniversary of the January 6th insurrection, a day that profoundly underscored the critical intersection between gun violence and the health of our democracy, we find ourselves reflecting on the journey we have embarked upon here in Washington State. This event is a stark reminder of the dangers posed by the irresponsible use of firearms, which catalyzed another nationwide call for meaningful gun responsibility reforms.

In Washington, we’ve made commendable strides in gun violence prevention, a testament to our collective commitment and advocacy. As we approach the beginning of the legislative session on January 8th, it’s crucial to acknowledge our achievements and the work that still lies ahead.

Our state has been a beacon of progress, enacting laws that enhance public safety and respect the rights of responsible gun owners. Our focus on evidence-based policies and community-driven initiatives has yielded tangible results, making our communities safer and more resilient.

This year, we have set forth an ambitious policy agenda, particularly emphasizing the implementation of a permit-to-purchase system. This system is designed to ensure that firearms are acquired responsibly and legally, adding a crucial layer of oversight that aligns with our core mission – reducing gun violence within our communities. By requiring permits for firearm purchases, we aim to close loopholes, strengthen background checks, and ensure that those who possess firearms do so with the utmost responsibility.

As we enter the legislative session, let us channel the spirit of resilience and determination that has guided us thus far. With your continued support and advocacy, we can make significant strides towards a safer and more responsible society. Your voice, vote, and unwavering commitment are crucial in this endeavor.

Let’s continue to work together for a future where the horrors of events like the January 6th insurrection are relegated to history, never to be repeated. Join us in advocating for the critical measures that will safeguard our communities and uphold the values we cherish.

Thank you for your dedication to this cause. We look forward to another year of impactful advocacy and meaningful change.


Renée Hopkins 
CEO, Alliance for Gun Responsibility

P.O. Box 4187 Seattle, WA 98194